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Sunday, September 4, 2011

OKC trip

Some time last month, we made a little weekend trip to OKC. Things went a little crazy over here and I never got around to posting about that weekend. Even though we were there 2 full days, it flew by so fast and we missed seeing many faces that we would have loved to have seen. We did get to see a few friends and also spend an evening with Pax's birthmom, M and her family.
On Friday morning, we finally got to meet baby Denton and spend some time with his family. Holden had a good time with his very first friend, Lyndon. They got to play outside in the water and on the swingset all morning long. And then they stopped for a bite to eat.
And then all 4 boys posed for a picture. Pax, Denton, Lyndon and Holden.
I had to steal those 2 pictures from Daysha because I had forgotten to bring my camera to their house.
Friday night we headed to M's house for an early birthday party for Pax and just to visit. It had been a while since we had seen them all. I'm sure Pax had changed and grown alot between visits. I've said it before, but we love this family. And time spent with them is always so natural. Never an awkward moment. Never any nervous jitters. We've only known them 2 years and our visits are more sporadic since our move to Texas, but we feel really blessed to have them in our lives. They love Pax. But what is really special, is they love Holden too. Friday evening we went to their home and had an early birthday party for Pax.
You don't know how many times I look at his face and can see her through him.
Holden felt under the weather that night. This family has been around Holden enough to know that something was not right with him. He didn't touch his pizza, turned down a cupcake. And then he sat in my lap for the rest of the evening. He was better by the next morning. Holden even had a present with his name of it.
That weekend, we stayed at our friend's house, Kevin and Andrea. I didn't pull out my camera AT ALL, except while we were at the Children's Museum. It was our first trip to the OKC Children's Museum. Our pass here, enabled us to get in free at OKC. Very cool! And the museum at OKC is much cooler than the one here. Here are a few pictures from our fun morning.
Pax being a little scientist. :)
And driving a tractor.
And then riding on a Segway. Holden took a ride too but his picture didn't turn out.
Pax and Abigail had fun with the bubbles.
And Abigail really had fun bathing in them. :)Holden was just a bit harder to catch with my camera. Though my camera didn't make it out of my suitcase much at all during the weekend, we had a wonderful time seeing some old friends. The next time, we might need to plan a longer visit so we have the time to see everyone.

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