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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The best use of our morning

If I've learned anything in the last 2 years, it's that I can't wait on my children to wake me in the morning. I've got to have some time to think about the day and prepare my heart. And much of that time is spent in prayer for myself and my family. I wish that I could say that I sit on the patio drinking my coffee and reading my Bible while the boys sleep. I don't get up that early. But if I can have the prayer time before the house goes from quiet to chaos, it makes a huge difference in how I respond to my boys throughout the day. Even if that prayer time is going on during a jog outside or in the shower and in front of the mirror while I get ready. Time with God is time with God. Period. And now I'm trying to work in a little worship time at breakfast with my little boys. The few times I've done this, it's been to NorthWood's Feet That Move CD. That's our church and the CD was recorded about a year ago. I have no intentions of removing that CD anytime soon. The music touches my heart unlike any other at this time. Here's just one of my faves and what I would love to cling to as the theme of my life.

And if you need a little more spunk in your worship, here is one of the boys favorites. If you could only see them "move their feet". :)

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