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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pax @ age 2

How can I possibly describe who this boy is in a single post! He is pure sweetness! And I am head over heals in love with his little personality. He loves to be held, carried and cuddled. He hasn't crossed the threshold to that independent stage yet. So he is often found sitting in my lap as we read book after book after book. He is the definition of a true bookworm. I think if we removed all toys from our home, he would live perfectly content as long as he had his books. He already has many of his books memorized and will say them with me as I read. Because honestly we read several books every single day. He also loves to sit and work puzzles now and he is very good at them. He is also in love with watching television. Mickey Mouse Club has recently become his favorite. Followed closely by Dora and Sesame Street. While his big brother would prefer to run circles around the house and stay busy doing, Pax is more laid back. He is more content with quiet and calm activities. Not that he doesn't let his voice be heard. Just the other night in a restaurant with friends, he let out a scream that quietened the whole place. That scream was because he didn't get his way with something. We have those occasional moments right now. But honestly, with Pax, they are few and far between. He can go days without being disciplined, because for the most part, he goes with the flow.
Pax is speaking alot and communicating well with us. Today I heard Holden saying in a sing-song sort of way "Bubba, I need you!" Pax was coming up the stairs saying "Honen, what doin'?" I love that his Holden sounds like Honen. It's one of my favorite things he says. As my boys grow, I think the way they speak is one thing I'm going to miss. I love their cute, little language, as flawed as it is. I think it's just perfect! So far Pax can count to 8 and he surprised me this week by recognizing several of his numbers on his wooden blocks. About a week before his birthday we started talking about how he was going to be 2. He cutely wanted to argue with us and tell us, "no, 4." When I would tease and argue back that he was only going to be 2, the number went to 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then back to 4. He cackled so hard at our little joke. And we're still playing that game today. He will not admit to anyone that he is 2. He has decided that he is any number BUT 2. One of his other favorite games right now is pretending to fall asleep at random places. See for yourself. He's become a master at the game of pretend. :)Pax loves to sing. His favorite songs are the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels on the Bus and Happy Birthday.

Pax is great sleeper, getting at least 12hours at night. He goes down by 7:30pm and normally wakes between 7:30-8:30am the next morning. It's not completely unusual for him to sleep in close to 9am. He likes his sleep and always wakes with a smile on his face and asking about each family members whereabouts. He goes down for a nap around 1pm and wakes around 3pm. Sometimes he naps longer, but 2 hours is pretty consistent for him. He sleeps with a million little stuffed animals in his bed. And it changes every few weeks which one he is the most attached to.
Pax loves his paci and uses it only for sleep. It never leaves his crib. We plan to take it away in the next 3 months, the same way we did with Holden. Fingers are crossed that Pax will handle it just as well as his big brother did. I'm not looking forward to it. I just have a feeling that it won't go as smoothly. Plus something in me keep saying, "he's just a baby!" :) Deep down I know that he's not, I just haven't full convinced myself of that yet. ;)
Pax loves to play on the swing set outside. He loves to sit and swing and climb and slide. He LOVES to climb. Period. We daily catch him scaling cabinets to turn on water in the sinks, just for sport. It's a sight to see. He's fast. He also loves to climb into his crib, but hasn't tried to climb out yet. Fingers are crossed that we don't have to face that challenge. He thinks he's big enough to ride the red tricycle, but his little legs can't reach the peddals yet. But he's not happy if you remove him from that seat. He wants to ride! He loves to spot airplanes and helicopters in the sky. He loves to see motorcyles out on the road. He loves to play with his wooden train set. He loves to listen to music and do a little dancing and clap his hands to the rhythm. He loves a few sports, like golf and t-ball. Those are 2 things he can play around with in our backyard and he's a pretty accurate aim. He loves to throw and catch balls and he's a great catcher. So far, he is our sporty boy and that is something we have NOT pushed with either of the boys. We just like to sit back and see where their interests naturally fall.Pax is a really great eater. I've mentioned that he kind of sticks to a South Beach type diet. He likes most meats (fish, chicken, ground beef, roast beef, pork chops), eggs, most veggies and fruits. Some of his favorites are steamed broccoli, carrots dipped in hummus, sugar snap peas, green peas, corn, lima beans, watermelon, strawberries, green apples, cantelope, peaches and bananas. He likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, or just plain chicken or turkey. He will avoid crackers, rice, pasta, coucous . . .the things that Holden would prefer to feast on. They are polar opposites in their dietary preferences. Pax would drink milk all day every day if we allowed it. We only give our boys 2 cups of milk a day and then the rest is plain water. No juice. No sweet stuff. They've never really been accustomed to having those things, so they're fine without it. And as a result, Holden LOVES water and asks for it often. Pax is getting better at his water intake, but would choose milk if we always gave the choice. As I've said before, he's not much of a sweets-eater. He would rather have some fruit as a sweet. Such a health nut, right?I do have to admit, that after the parasite, we dropped the ball on potty training. He had been doing pretty well with it. But alot fell on Jeremy's shoulders all at once and potty training was out the window. We lost our momentum during that weekend. And even though I tried to pick back up the following Monday when I was feeling better, he had sort of lost interest. I'm hoping that interest will return soon and we can be diaper free in this house for a while!
Pax is also known as Mister Manners around here. If he accidentally rolls a tonka truck over your foot, he apologizes over and over again until you respond by telling him you're okay. He is quick to say "tankoo mommy" or "tankoo daddy" when he is served in some way. He is sweet to his big brother, checking on him during a meltdown or when he's been hurt. And he is NORMALLY willing to share his toys with Holden. He always wants to kiss a boo-boo to make everything heal properly. :) Including the foot he rolled the truck over.
Yesterday at the doctor Pax had to get 1 vacination. He did the silent scream/cry for a good 10 seconds before he could breath and let any sound out. After I got him dressed and held him for a bit, he was still shaken, but much quieter. After the receptionist gave him a sucker, he was miraculously all better. He was just wearing a tear stained face on his way out. Yesterday Pax weighed in at 28.5lbs (57th %). He is 35.5inches (79th %). And his head circumference was 49.4cm (70th %). Sometimes we think Pax is a shorty because Holden is so tall for his age. But he's not a shorty at all. 79th%. Not short. He just has a big brother that we ought not compare him to.
That is our sweet little Pax at this moment in time. I know it's lengthy, but I wanted to document all that he is and does at the tender age of 2. We love him so and can't imagine our family without him filling the spot of baby. He's the baby for now.

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