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Sunday, August 21, 2011

eventful week.

Well, it's been an eventful week. Kind of. Not in the ways that I prefer. Monday we did the usual. We went to the water park. After naps on Monday, a certain little mister was dead set on going potty on the potty. It was ALL his idea. He was telling me when he would start to go in his diaper and then we would rush to the potty to let him finish. On Monday afternoon, I even took both of the boys on a grocery store run in undies. And Pax did great. On Tuesday morning we made a trip to the store, got an extra potty seat and a stool for downstairs, M&Ms for incentive and some other potty necessities. Pax was doing was pretty good. Holden has had less than 10 accidents ever. Because he was almost 3, it was really really easy. Granted, I am admitting to you all that he still refuses to do #2 in the potty. Sorry, I know that was very elementary to write #2. Just not sure I want that word anywhere on my blog. :) So with Holden, there have been challenges, but for the most part I think it's been an easy transition. Now Pax was 2 weeks from 2 years when he decided he was ready. And there have been lots of accidents. Too many to even count in a day. In 2 days he went through 10 pair of undies. But even with the accidents, he was still doing so well in telling me! He was just not telling me quite soon enough and I couldn't quite make him go on command. :) At one point, I was kind of ready to throw in the towel and just break the news to him that he wasn't ready. But he was so determined. Jeremy and I agreed we just needed to push through and let him learn this. He wanted to be a big boy and accomplish this, so who are we stand in his way. So we were doing just that. This is Pax after he went #2 in the potty. Which he has done several times! Goodness, he's a cutie in real undies! He just seems so little. As I said, we were on our way to being diaper free in this house, when the parasite hit. Early Thursday morning I was sick sick sick! So I didn't run back and forth to the potty with Pax. I told him to go in his diaper as I lay on the chair and the boys watched Mickey Mouse Club all morning on the couch. I was miserable. Jeremy came home early Thursday and took me to the doctor. I thought I had the stomach flu and the doctor assumed the same. We started meds immediately. And no improvement. In fact, it got uglier. Back to the doctor yesterday morning and the on-call doctor suspected a parasite. Gross, huh?! I started 2 more antibiotics yesterday. This is my first day to be out of bed for some time and it's kind of nice. It's been a rough few days. I've never experienced anything like it. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Those parasites might be Satan himself in tiny molecular form. I'm not kidding. They're terrible. And would you guess where the doctor thinks I may have caught it? The water park. Nice.

Jeremy has been a rockstar husband and dad this weekend. He has had the boys completely on his own, not even letting them step into our bedroom because we're still confused on whether or not I could pass something to them. And let me just say, having our almost 2 year old and 3 year old several days in a row with no help is hard work. Love them to pieces, but it's exhausting if you never get a little break or some help. He's been up with me most nights while I've been sick. Bringing me meds, drinks, snacks around the clock. Googling for answers to find out if the odd things going on in my body are normal for right now. I know he's tired, but he's never complained. He's normally wearing a smile and being such a servant to us all. I catch myself apologizing to him that I can't help and he finds those apologies ridiculous because he tells me that this is life. And he tells me that I would do the same for him. I am very much in love with this man and feel extremely lucky that he is mine!

I've had alot of thinking time lately and the parasite-thing has opened my eyes to some things. Things that I could easily ignore because they normally don't affect me. This weekend I've dealt with true hunger and a parasite for my first time ever. But people in impoverished countries deal with these things continually. Many people can't comprehend 3 meals a day. So Friday night, in alot pain, I was saying why, why, why. And Sunday morning, with a refreshed spirit, better health and just a sick stomach, I have a new compassion and a new direction. Kind of points back to my thoughts in my last post. I don't want to go through the junk without a lesson.

And potty training round 2 for Pax will begin tomorrow. :) He'll get it soon enough.


everyday graces said...

hope you feel better soon and regain your strength asap! ((hugs))

Diana Hill said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sadly, there have been alot of people getting sick across the country from water-borne parasites. I am glad your boys did not get sick.I can't imagine being that sick and dealing with healthy kiddo's but I really can't imagine being sick and having my kids sick too!
Hang in there and enjoy your liquid diet!!

The Everharts said...

oh no! Hope you are back to normal quick. :( Way to go Pax! The big boy undies are too cute.

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Proud Pax in his undies:) he's just too cute!

Hope you are back to normal today, friend! So sorry that you've been so sick. Hope you get that Kincaid burger soon;)