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Monday, August 29, 2011

and the party . . .

Saturday morning we celebrated Pax just one more time! We had a little birthday party with family and friends. Oh the theme. I always want a theme. I thought and thought and thought about what I would like to do versus the things that Pax is really into right now. And I went with his interests. And one of his biggest and cutest interests lately have been HATS! So we had a hat birthday party and asked everyone to wear their favorite hat. Cutie Tooley designed us this really fun invitation.
Pax ate up the attention on Saturday. Like Jeremy and I, he's not one that desires to be the center of attention in a large crowd. But he seemed to enjoy the attention that his party brought. I really intended on getting a large group picture with everyone wearing their hats. But I failed. Here are the pictures that I did get. I learned that you can cover a wealth of mistakes with gobs and gobs of sprinkles. :) I tried a new icing for this cake. Tasted delicious, it just didn't cooperate very well for me.
All of the kiddos decorated foam hats with stickers. I tried to get a picture of most of them in their newly decorated hats.
He opened his presents like a champ. And he actually received a good mix of toys, clothes, books and puzzles.Pax is modeling his new Bob the Tomato hat.
And onto the cake. He smiled and stared at his flickering candles as we all sang happy birthday to him. And then he knew exactly what to do as the song ended. He blew out his candles!He only took a few bites of cake and icecream. He's still not much of a sweet-eater. Crazy boy!It was a fun morning celebrating our birthday boy! I still can't believe he is 2!!


will + adri said...

Happy Birthday Pax! What a great idea for a party! Love the theme!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

He was a cute lil birthday boy. Remember it was N's idea for the noisy toy;)... I just agreed. Haha

everyday graces said...

you are so creative. what a cute theme!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Love the hat theme! Looks like he had a great party!