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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life without a paci.

If I could describe in 1 word our recent transition with Holden, it would be: AMAZING! That boy has completely blown me out of the water with this paci thing. He knows and understands and he is completely over it. Occassionally we've talked about it this week. We've talked about the nice lady at the store that took the paci in exchange for his new toy. So after his 4 hour nap last Sunday, I went into his room when I heard him cheerfully babbling. With all of my excitement and probably some misty eyes, I told him how proud I was of his long nap and it being the first one without his paci. He looked at me with a huge smile and eager voice and said "mommy yappy!" Oh I was so happy. And also so proud for my boy! He asked for it that night when Jeremy put him to bed. Jeremy reminded him that he had given it away, to the nice lady, for the toy and Holden was completely satisfied with that answer. Other conversations have popped up about the paci, but not a single tear. This morning when I got him out of bed, he was telling me how he gave his paci to a nice lady at the store. Then as he was eating breakfast he started singing the Good Morning Song for the nice lady. So it went something like "Good morning mister lady, good morning mister lady . . ." I sing "Good morning mister Holden" so that's where he got the "mister". That he even thought to sing this song for the lady at Target made me laugh. So that's where we are with the paci. Completely over it. And still, I am completely stunned.

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Rebekah said...

Way to go Holden!