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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Over the past few months, I've been making little notes about my boys for this specific post. They are different in so many little ways. But their opposite personalities and interests make for a pretty good brotherly relationship.
Pax is . . .
passionate about books and hats * a lover of sports * veggies and meat consumer - he graviates towards a South Beach type diet ;) * a late sleeper * moderate naps (typically 2 hours) * loves to eat, but isn't a big fan of breakfast * would watch television for hours if we allowed it * laid back personality * momma's boy * will not talk, smile or even give notice to friendly strangers
Holden is . . .
passionate about all things water * a lover of cars and trucks * bread/carbs consumer * early riser * long napper (typically 3-4hours) * wakes ready for breakfast * will not sit long for television but would rather be moving (at all times!) * not so laid back * daddy's right hand man * never meets a strangerThey do have a few similarities that stand out in my mind . . .
they love to dance to music * they will sit in a lap and listen to someone read books for HOURS * they both love to cuddle with mommy and daddy * they love to play outside even if it's breaking 100 * they are homebodies

See, in many ways they couldn't be more different. But they have a pretty fun relationship that I love watching develop more and more as they grow. My hope and prayer is that they'll be one another's best friend now and into adulthood.

**I just realized something in the first picture posted, which I just took this morning. Pax is holding a book and a toy remote. Holden is holding matchbox cars in both hands. That was completely unstaged, but pretty perfect for this post. :)


Misty said...

You forgot to add...both love to "ham it up" for the camera. Your boys are too cute!!!

Katie said...

Thanks for your comment and I am going to check that comb out for sure. That would really help Lauren and I both (: Your boys are so cute and growing fast.

everyday graces said...

I like your ideas of highlighting the differences and the commonalities! Your boys are really photogenic too!