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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring break-O

My boys are 1 and 2. Spring break means absolutely nothing to us. Sure Holden didn't go to school this week. But since we only do that 1 day a week, this week has pretty much been as normal as any other. Though, at breakfast this morning Holden asked me if he was going to school. We don't normally talk about days of the week. But his school day IS Wednesday. So I'm wondering if that was completely coincidence or if he's catching on to the rhythm of our week. Anyways, some snippets from our "spring break":

Monday was a chill day and we did absoultey nothing. Jeremy did give Holden a haircut. And he actually did a little bit of a fade at the bottom. It's slight and probably hard to notice in the picture. But once again, I'm amazed by my husbands many many talents. To me, the untrained eye, it looks like a pro did it. :)
Tuesday we met my sister and nephews, Carson and Cameron at the mall. Carson was out of school and it was a very spontaneous decision. But a great one. All the little boys had a fun time together. And my little ones crashed on the drive home in the car and didn't wake until 5pm. We're already scheduling our next shopping trip. One without those sweet, little boys. :)

This morning we met some friends at a neighborhood park. We came home for lunch and I let the boys eat lunch in the backyard. For some reason, outdoor picnics make lunch so much more enjoyable than eating at the kitchen table. And it's less mess for me so I'm not complaining. After naps, we had another Tonka Truck Car Wash. It's been a while since we've done this. In fact, Holden was wearing the clothes Pax had on today the last time we did this. It's such a fun activity with the water and Holden absolutely loves it! Pax just liked sticking his hand in the bubbles and then saying "bubbbbs". And tomorrow, for a special highlight in our week, the littles and I will meet a special friend for some delicious FRO-YO!! Is it bad that I'm already thinking about which flavor I'll choose?!

Jeremy is off on Friday and we have some special plans in store on this day.

Our spring break in a nutshell. Terribly exciting, huh?! :)


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Fun "spring break"! Love being outside in weather like we've had!

SO looking forward to our Fro-yo date tomorrow!:) I've been wondering what flavors they have.... Oh decisions!!

everyday graces said...

Our spring break has been "terribly" exciting too. Kate threw up in the car on the way home from tx sunday. As soon as she was well Colin came down with a mysterious fever that he STILL has. I had to cancel our trip to bartlesville. we've missed t=ball practice and I'm feeling bummed. I did take the kids on a froyo date yesterday just to get out of the house and Kate took 2 bites and didn't eat the rest. I wish I could be meeting you for a froyo date (sniff)

Amanda said...

Yay for Spring Break! I think it should be celebrated at every stage in life! :)

We are having an excting one this year, and I'm excited. But, I was pretty excited last year too when we had a stay-cation. Just fun to be out of the routine sometimes.

Love you!