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Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Reads

I've been trying to squeeze in some reading as time has allowed. I read this first book in about 4 different sittings. It was one of those that I just couldn't put down. It's an easy read since chapters are only a few pages. Which made me continually say "just 1 more chapter" until it was 2am! I can't say enough good about this book! Which led me to immediately begin this next one. I loved it also! This book shared how the story above has changed the hearts of many. Both books were great reminders for me to get OUT of my safe, little bubble. There's a bigger world out there, that I too often fail to see. Much less care for and choose to love on.
And because I've been diversifying the boys bookshelves :), they've been enjoying these new ones:
So cute!And below is one of my new favorites that identifies each and every skin color as a beautiful foody description. For instance, cinamon, honey, french toast and peachy. An American folk hero story that I know my boys will enjoy as they get older.
So there are some wonderful reads that hopefully you (and maybe your kiddos) will enjoy.


Molly said...

We have all but that John Henry one. Should I get it? I LOVED the Same Kind of Different As Me. I read it last year and couldn't put it down, and I am never that way with books!

Melodie said...

i do like the john henry book. it's a bit more reading than what mine are used to, but Holden will sit through it. but i have to warn you, he dies at the end. :( not a good way to end the story of the folk hero, if you ask me . . .

Misty said...

Mem Fox is another GREAT multi-cultural children's book author. The two books I have by her are...Ten Little Toes & Ten Little Fingers and Whoever Your Are.