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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I think he's funny.

I realize that most parents think their kids are funny and cute; maybe even when the rest of the world doesn't quite see it. Jeremy and I are regularly laughing at both of the boys. We think they're pretty funny. Normally unintentionally funny, which makes it that much better. But today when I picked up Holden from school, his teachers shared with me some of the things I don't get to see when he's in their classroom.
Today, since there was a chilly breeze outside, Holden's honeybee class (that's the name of his class at school. It's important for later.) didn't play on the playground. And then, for some reason, the gym was unavailable. So the teachers decided to take the class on a walk around the church. They did fun things like spotting birds, squirrels and pointing out things that were green (since that's the color they've been "studying" in March). When they returned to the classroom, Holden walked up to Ms. M and said something like "Well, that was a nice little honeybee walk." Ms. M just thought it was so sweet that he said this. For whatever reason, it just made me laugh when she shared it. It was sweet. And cute. But sorta funny. I didn't even know that he knew the name of his class. I never talk about the honeybees. I just call it school.
So when I laughed about that little story, his other teacher, Ms. S, had one to share. A few weeks ago Holden made this collage at school.

She told me that as she was helping him, she asked him where he wanted the carrot to go. His response was something like, "Put it next to him. He's hungry." And he was pointing to the cowboy on his page. Ah. Little comedian.

My heart nearly skips a beat when I stop to think about the fact that we will be celebrating his 3rd birthday in less than 2 months! My sis assures me that 3 is a big deal and often a hard one to swallow. I just can't believe it. And I know parents say this all the time about their kids growing up, but I'm going to do it anyways. Three? Really? Are we already to that point? Yep. Almost. But when I hear stories like the ones above, I realize he IS a big boy. Well, maybe still a little boy, but most certainly no baby.

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