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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun Friday!

Jeremy was off work on Friday and it was a fun day. We headed to the zoo where we met some out of town friends that were visiting for part of their spring break.
There it was officially confirmed for me, once again. I HATE THE ZOO! Hot. Crowded. Smelly. Lots of slow walking. Walking around aimlessly. My kids aren't into it. I was pointing out animals for Pax to see and it was clear to me that he couldn't see the tiger up on the hill. To me, the zoo is boring. A snoozer. I gave it one last hurrah, but I think I'm done with the zoo. Unless of course you mention the zoo in Colorado Springs, then that's another story. And I would for sure head up to that beautiful zoo in the mountains again. For one, there is no such thing as HOT there. After the zoo, we joined this family for some Texas barbeque with endless icecream.
After a good visit with these friends, we headed home and the boys crashed out. After naps we spent the evening outside. It was a beautiful evening after a warm 85-ish degree day. We played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.
Once that got boring, Jeremy took the boys on a stroll around the block. He pushed Pax on the scooter for half a mile. I think he's a pretty good daddy.

I love family days like this one. They are, by far, my favorite days. Ones that will hold special memories for us and our boys.


kh123 said...

I'm with you on the zoo AND your end of the day was alot like my favorite kinds!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Oh hahaha the zoo! I was wondering how it went! It's was kinda hot yesterday! Maybe you should give it one more shot when it's cool! ;)

Looks like the rest of the day was wonderful:)

Molly said...

That is hilarious! I never gave a second thought to the zoo until kids and now we can't get enough of it. But I certainly wouldn't be into it if my kids weren't. When it gets hot in OK I have a rule that we have to be GONE from the zoo by 11 am. Love ya girl!