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Sunday, November 21, 2010

friendly visit.

This weekend we had a nice, friendly visit from the Behymer family. The mommy's did LOTS of chatting. The daddy's played tennis and watched alot of football. And these little best friends that have been in seperate states since around 18months old (so, for the past year), played and played and played some more. Amazingly, they picked right up where they left off the last time. It's amazing to me that they remember one another. Holden talks about Lyndon regularly, even with no prompting from me. It was a fun fun weekend in this household. Good company is always pure delight to me! Here are the little friends and the few pictures I took of our fun times.


Misty said...

I LOVE the first picture!!! It made me smile.

Daysha said...

OH BOY!!! We had a fabulous time. Thank you SOO much for all of your hospitality. I love seeing the boys play.