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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diversifying the Decor (2010)

I blogged about this in 2008 here. And now in 2010, we have come a long way. I now always have my eyes peeled for books, toys and even Christmas decorations that look like my children. Sometimes it can be more of a challenge, but I'm just making a purpose to seek it out. So the Christmas decorations we have collected in 2 short years . . .

Our black Santa that I bought in January 2009. Thank you Hobby Lobby.

Our sweet little caroler boy that I bought in December of 2008. Thank you Cracker Barrell. This might just be my favorite of them all!

Our black angel that I bought last year after Christmas. Thank you Target. There is not much I can thank you for because your return policy SUCKS. Most would probably agree with me there. But thank you for carrying not just white angels, but black ones also.

Our little brown sweet pea that we bought last December for Paxton's first ornament. We are getting each child an ornament each year. Thank you Hallmark.

And last but not least, my black Friday deal of the day. I am 30 years old and finally have a full nativity set. I know, I should be ashamed. But I was looking for something specific, which I never found. I imagine Jesus and his crew were dark-skinned. But they don't seem to make nativities that resemble this. Believe me, I've checked the stores, the internet and every place in between. In fact, while in San Antonio this month I found a dark-skinned nativity and they were all wearing panchos and sombreros. I was up for buying it since they were brown. Jeremy wasn't feeling it, so we didn't make the purchase. :) And last year, when I had no luck in this area, I bought the Veggie Tales nativity. I told Jeremy, if they're all going to be white, they might as well be green vegetables. Just a little humor for you. Anyways, we ended up with this one on black Friday. They're black. It's closer to the picture that I have in my head, rather than the blonde haired, blued eyed Jesus' we normally see. So, thank you to Kohls!

All of this may seem silly to others and I really don't expect everyone to understand it all. But it's important to us, for our kids to see these things that look more like them. So how's that in just 2 short years?!


Daysha said...

OH MY GOODNESS friend, it's perfect and beautiful!!!

DeBrady said...

I love your nativity. I have the one that my parents bought when I was a little girl. I LOVE IT! Like yours they have dark skin just like I imagine they did in real life. I love all of your purchases!!

Misty said...

I love the little pea pod ornament.

The Everharts said...

Love all of them! I'm still searching out my own nice brown nativity!

The Stanphill Family said...

I bet I can find a few things around here; if I find any I will bring them at Christmas. Hopefully we will see you all then!