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Monday, November 1, 2010

5 Reasons I LOVE November . . .

1) Normally the cool, fall weather has finally hit the south!
2) The Thanksgiving holiday is spent with family members that you don't always get to see. And Thanksgiving always makes me stop to count my blessings twice.
3) Jeremy and I's wedding anniversay (coming up on 8 years) and dating anniversary (11 years) if anyone still counts that. In fact, we are having a weekend getaway in less than 2 weeks. There is a countdown going on in my head for that one. Roughly 11 days, give or take a few hours. :)
4) It's National Adoption Month, which gets my heart a-pumpin! More on that one later this month . . .
5) Christmas is right around the corner! I would decorate my house for Christmas this weekend if someone would allow it. Instead I will wait for the Saturday after Thanksgiving and probably leave it until after January 1.
And I leave you with only 1 picture.

Pax is giving spirit sprinkles for #4. I've been teaching him my old cheerleader moves. :)


DeBrady said...

I have many reasons t love November too! I didn't realize you had a Nov. wedding anniversary...what day?? Mine is the 11th.

Melodie said...

November 23rd is our anniversary. It normally hits around Thanksgiving. Long story how we landed on that date. :)

The Neaves' said...

Awe, happy early anniversary!!

And as far as decorating before thanksgiving... I'm a rule breaker! I always decorate a week or two {yes, I said 2} before. It makes me happy. And Hubby has lbeen a great sport and just goes with it:) I say if it makes you happy, why not!?!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Steven would probably let me decorate now if I wanted to. He loves Christmas maybe more than me... which is hard to do!

I love this whole season too! I'm sure your family will look different each Thanksgiving- last year one baby, this year two, next year.... ;)

adrianne + will said...

My husband said: "That's cute!" Then I said - Pax is giving "Spirit Sprinkles". He said: "What's that?" I told him those were your old cheerleader moves. He sighed.... ROFL!

The Nanny Family said...

Are you on facebook? (Find me if you are! There aren't many Nanny's.) I wanted to message you to ask you to pray for my cousin and his wife this adoption month - it's been a struggle. You can join them on facebook too.

Melodie said...

Well, my hubs just had to tell me what ROFL meant. Geez, so not hip with this lingo.
And confession: I have not been teaching my boys cheerleading moves. I was dangling Pax's paci over the camera and he was reaching for it. Ha! And didn't the Spartans from SNL (back when it was still funny) do spirit sprinkles? Come on, Will! You know spirit sprinkles. ;)

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