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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working in the heat

Jeremy took off one day last week to work on our shed. I may have mentioned/complained in the past on this blog (or to some of you in person) that we still can't fit our vehicles in the garage. So it's always a bit of a challenge getting everyone buckled in a carseat to go somewhere (when I'm by myself). Sometimes the 2 year old would rather run for the street while my hands are full with Pax. So we bought a shed at Home Depot (for 50% off!) several weeks ago. We did this with hopes to clear out the garage so my car can finally take it's rightful place out of the sun. And Jeremy has finally able to make some time to work on it here and there. So yes, my car is still parked out in the heat, as this little project is still in progress. And I do mean HEAT! Welcome to Texas. It is hot and it is humid. Why don't I remember it being this way when I was 16. Maybe for the same reason it does seem to bother Holden. He decided that he would work on the shed with daddy most of the day.

As for Paxton and I, we stayed inside with the AC running. Ah, I love air conditioning! But we did keep their water cups filled.

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Lindsey said...

It gets worse with every year of age.