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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pax is 11 months!

It's hard to believe that 1 month from today we will be celebrating Paxton's 1st birthday. For whatever reason, he just seems younger to me. Like when Holden was almost 1 year, I thought he was such a big boy. But Paxton still seems like such a baby. He is a baby! What am I saying? But do those words make sense to anyone else? Maybe it's just because I am comparing Pax to Holden now . . .I'm not sure. He just seems too young to be turning 1 year. But I am now officially in party planning mode and excited to celebrate our little guy.
This month has been so much fun with Pax. Goodness, he is smiley and happy and he loves his family. Everyone tells us how serious he seems to be. But there are 3 consistent people in his life that can light up his face with the cutest grin you've ever seen. Daddy, Holden and myself. Holden only has to smile at Pax before he breaks into giggles. Which in turn gives Holden the giggles. Though I often have to play referee with these boys, they sure enjoy one another's company. I love to watch these brothers play together.

Here is one of those serious faces that he likes to flash to strangers.

And these are the sweet smiles that I get to see all of the time.

Pax has enjoyed the water this summer. But he is definitely more mellow about it. Holden went nuts and splashed like crazy at 1 year (and still does). Pax just sits in it and chills. Then occassionally he dips his fingers in and then sucks the water off his fingertips. That's about all the action I see from him in the water.

This little guy just recently decided that he would crawl on his hands and knees. So we don't see the army crawl much anymore. It's ironic that he is actually faster with the army crawl. But now we are seeing more of this:

He is waving and clapping like a champ. Anytime I say "good job", he starts clapping with a huge open-mouthed grin. I love it! Here he is waving hi to the camera:
Pax is finally getting interested in some finger foods. He has been quite a snob to all finger foods with one exception: cheerios. So I knew he could handle some variety, he just wouldn't do it. He would refuse to eat anything but pureed baby food. That has changed just within the last week. He will now eat waffles, bananas, blueberries, rice, beans, bread . . .that's all I can think of right now. Eating transitions have taken time with him. He seems a litttle resistant to change and so it just takes him some time to warm up to new things. I just have to keep offering it. He has turned up his nose to blueberries for a month, even though he would eat them pureed. Then tonight he gobbled down about 30, shoving about 5 in his mouth at a time. It completely surprised me.He is a wiz at the sippy cup and I really have no worries about taking the bottle away in another month. He sucks down the water and has caught on quicker than Holden did.Now if we could only keep him from throwing the sippy cup on the floor. I always give him 1 chance. He purposefully drops it to the floor, I tell him no and place it back on his tray. If it happens again, I put it away in the fridge. This little scenario happened yesterday and today. This is the picture I took when the sippy cup went bye-bye after drop #2.

Not a happy camper.

He still only has the 2 bottom teeth that you can see in the picture above. But he is cutting (and has been for the last week) one tooth on the top. Cutting teeth may just be a slow process for this guy.

Pax is a wonderful sleeper. He still sleeps 12 hours at night. There is never any fussing when we lay him down. I'm pretty sure that he loves his bed. He normally takes a morning and afternoon nap, 2 hours each. If we skip the morning nap due to errands or playing with friends, he still only sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon. I would think he might sleep longer to make up for lost time. That's what Holden always did. But no, 2 hours at a time. That is all he will do.

This picture was taken about 2 minutes after Jeremy put him down a few nights ago. The picture flashing and clicking didn't even phase him. He was already out, smacking away on that paci, face nestled in those bumpers.

And a few other pictures from our month with Pax:

And 1 picture from today to officially mark 11 months!
Yep, pretty cute boy in his pink.

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The Skains Family said...

You think he is too young because he is your baby! I do the same thing with Adalyn. He is such a cutie. I love the one of him all snug in her crib sleeping.