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Thursday, July 22, 2010

what summertime is all about.

Drying out 14 articles of swimwear because we might just need them tomorrow too.

And indeed we might. I think Jeremy has decided that he can't stand missing out on the water park fun, so my family of 4 just might be going again tomorrow. And we just might be purchasing me a season pass (the boys are free this year!). Yes, this late in the day. The end of July. We still just might. Eeek! Yes, I am that excited about the water park. Childish, I know. No shame in that.


The Myers said...

That's exactly what our bathtub has looked like this summer too. :) Love it! So glad y'all had fun at the water park.

Molly said...

Us too! Emery's arrival has allowed our suits to dry out a bit more this July, but still such a blessing to have something to cool down! So excited that you found some mamas and such a wonderful environment for your kids to play so close! YAY!

adrianne + will said...

Sounds like you all are having a blast! That's what summer is all about! Fun in the sun and water!

Bonky's Mom said...

Us, too! Water memories are so stinkin' great!