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Friday, July 23, 2010

JOY in a water slide

Yes, we returned to the water park. And I left today with a season pass, so there will be many more visits in our future. Word on the street is that Dora the Explorer will be there in a few weeks. That could be a big moment in Holden's little life. We better not miss it. :)

With the encouragement of daddy, Holden finally did the little water slides all by himself. Once Jeremy finally got him on the orange one, we couldn't get him off. Again. Again. Again. That was his simple request of the day.
Oh the JOY in these pictures:
Yes, his tongue stayed out most of the day. Not sure if he is Michael Jordan, or what!

And all of my boys on the slide:
Just a fun little Friday with my family!


The Coopers said...

too cute! and can't wait to go with you guys soon!

adrianne + will said...

Loving these adorable water slide pics!