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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pinch me!

We are here and I can't believe it. We're back in Texas and it still hasn't sunk in. It kind of feels like we're just on a little vacation. We arrived at our apartment Wednesday night and it definitely had the nice hotel-feel (which aided to it feeling more like a vacay). And we have spent the last 2 days getting everything settled to make it home for now. And honestly, it's great. It's only 100 sq feet less than our old house, so we have plenty of space. It's really better than I could have imagined. So we are happy to be at this apartment until we get into a house. We even have an extra bedroom, so feel free to come and visit! Today we got out and explored the area. This particular area of DFW is pretty unfamiliar to us. But I think I am really going to love it here, once I am brave enough to jump out there with the little ones. Today we also drove through 2 of the neighborhoods where we have found possible houses. And so we just sit and wait to see if our offer will be accepted on our first pick.
You might be wondering about our health. We all weren't feeling so hot in my last post. Jeremy has caught none of it. And we talked with Brandy today. She is still in the clear. So we are thankful for that. The boys seems to be feeling fine. They will finish their Tamiful tomorrow. I am tons better. Still queasy at times, but oh-so-much better.
So here we are. We've moved. We're in Texas now. Yep. Still not sinking in . . . just a fun little vacation. :)


Lindsey said...

Melodie!! Wonderful! :D I was just thinking about you and trying to remember your timeline for the move and all. You're here! Did your furniture and everything make it okay, or is it still on its way? That is great that you have a large, comfortable apartment! Enjoy, and I hope you get the house that you made the offer on!

April said...

I am so glad you guys are feeling better!! Sooo happy for you!! Have fun exploring!

sarah s said...

yea! yea! yea! so glad your here! we will have to come see you soon!!

Molly said...

Oh my. Part of me is so sad and the rest is SO happy for you that you are "home". I know the decision was hard, but I am so thrilled for you guys to be closer to family. What a treasure. Praying that all continues to go well. Can you email me your address? Owen was talking about Holden today and if he would be at the hayride with Deaconess! Where are you in the area? We have family in the Lewisville area.

The Coopers said...

Yay! I finally have one sister back in Texas!! So glad yall are close. See you saturday! love you all!