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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 week

1 week from tonight, my little family should be in Texas. To reside. Possibly forever. I don't think it has sunk in. Nothing feels different about right now. Maybe I'm avoiding the sad thoughts of leaving here. There are many sad thoughts: our friends, our wonderful church, our adoption playgroup. And then just heading into the somewhat unknown, new place, new faces and the unfamiliarity that comes with any move. But whether I am allowing it to sink in or not, the packers come next Wednesday and load everything up. And it looks like everything will be going straight to storage, while we'll spend about a month, maybe a little more, in a furnished apartment. The word furnished is important because it means our stuff is only moving once! And even though we aren't the ones doing the packing and lifting, once still sounds really good in my head.
We found a house in Texas this past weekend and made an offer. BUT, big but, it is a short sale. And we were offer #3, thus far. More could come in. The bank is in no hurry to move this little process along. So it could be a long wait. Jeremy and I are only waiting for 30 days because we're just not that patient and the house isn't worth 6 months of unsettledness for our family. So if the house isn't ours by November 12th then we are off to plan B, finding another house. Which, if still available, we will make an offer on option #2. It is about 5 minutes from option #1. So that's where we're at. We looked at some apartments and hopefully we should have one lined up by next week. Otherwise, family . . .who wants us? :)


Phyllis said...

We will take you guys!! I know things are unsettling but it will work out. At least you don't have to pack it all. Welcome to Texas!! Love you!

Amanda said...

We will, too! The commute is a little longer and you are likely to all be sleeping in the bathroom...but we could make it work! ;)

bsjones7 said...

We are sad to see you going, but excited for you to get to go back to TX! I pray the whole house thing gets worked out quickly! You guys will all be missed!!

Molly said...

**sniff sniff**

Man, I am so sad you are leaving. But as we've talked in the past, its huge to be closer to family, and I do want that for you! Just gonna miss your sweet crew.

HAVE to see that Pax before you leave!

Daysha said...

May I beg....DON'T GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

Melodie--I will be keeping your lovely family in my prayers this week as you make the big move! May the best thing work out seamlessly for your family with regards to the new house. God bless you all! (I'm so glad you'll be in Texas, and I hope we can see you again sometime!)