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Monday, October 26, 2009

off to the pumpkin patch . . .

Sunday afternoon we found a little pumpkin patch close by. I wanted Holden to be able to run free. Man, he loves his freedom at this age. Any freedom he can get his hands on. So he ran and ran and ran.And so we chased and chased and chased.
We got to take a little train ride. This was Holden's face the entire ride. I thought he would be AMAZED by the little train. Nope. Apparently, he does this kind of stuff every day. It was nothing special. But as you can see Paxton LOVED it!! ;)And I wonder when we'll ever get a good picture of the 2 of them together. You might notice in this picture, Holden is LOVING his little bubba. He absolutely loves him!Doesn't he look thrilled to be posing for me?Daddy and Holden in the patch.
I love this picture. I have let him drive our car down our old street a handful of times. He knew exactly what to do once we put him behind the wheel.Holden pulling the wagon. We had him sitting in it, but the boy likes to be in control. So he got out and pulled the empty wagon.
Petting the artificial piggies.
There was no way he was crawling through that dark, scary tunnel. You just never know what they will do at this age. But this was a NO!
It was a fun little family day for our new little life in Texas.


The Coopers said...

Love your pics! so cute and I love that you were at our fav pumpkin patch! so fun that we are so close!

Molly said...

NO WAY! That's the same pumpkin patch we went to last weekend when we were visiting Blake's brother in Texas! I am so pumped! How close was it to you?

Surely we can see you guys the next time we are visiting!!!

The Nanny Family said...

I love your pictures. I'm so proud of your little family. I can't imagine having 2 little ones, but y'all sure look happy! I'm glad you're all feeling better.