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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is this how an 18 month old eats?

Well, I think I have mentioned Holden's longing for independence. And it shows up everyday in everything we do. Although this week we taught him sign language for the word "help". That has killed some frustrating moments, which has been ever so "help"ful! But for the most part, he wants to do it all himself. So here I am . . . letting go. Meal time is a struggle at our house. We've often done alot of finger foods. Which often leads to him throwing food on the floor. And none of our discipline techniques have stopped it so far. Starvation might be the next option. :) But you can't make everything into a finger food. Eventually, he has to learn to use the fork and spoon. And he has been so eager to do so. He doesn't want us feeding him anymore. HE WANTS TO DO IT! Unfortunately, he normally ends up playing with the empty bowl and spoon/fork and not using those utensils so much. Argh! So I don't think this is normal toddler mealtime. Please tell me how to train. And with your advice, please remember that my sweet, cutie, little boy is BULL-HEADED.
And just to clear my name, that is NOT hamburger helper on his tray. It's just spaghetti made with rotini pasta. There is no way that any of it would have made it into his belly, had I used thin spaghetti.


Jess said...

I don't get it. What's wrong with Hamburger Helper? =) I'll just say what you've probably already heard: They all learn it eventually and they won't starve. I promise. He always makes me smile when I see his pictures!

Daysha said...

Sweet boy!!! Figuring it all out!!

everyday graces said...

Let the mess begin. What I've done is either A: let Kate hold a spoon while I feed her or B: hold a bowl give her the spoon and "help" her by holding her hand to scoop up the food and getting it to her mouth. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Lindsey said...

This doesn't sound abnormal to me. I don't believe I know any 18 month old children who know how to properly use a fork or spoon. Even at 3 years, you will be reminding him how to use it properly. Don't stress!