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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Who said boys couldn't have fun with accessories? Since we have been locked in this apartment (still out of my fear to leave the house and have it all together), I have had to find some new ways to entertain Holden. And today he had fun accessorizing. It was raining outside, so we tried on our new hand-me-down rainboots. Not that he wore them outside or anything, but he thought it was pretty cool stomping around in those boots. Thanks cousin Cameron!! We love our hand-me-downs. (And this is the cute face we see when we say "say cheese".)And then here is our winter hat that he may never get to wear. I mean, it may fit him when he's 16 but he might not find it so cool then. I bought an extra small at baby gap last year and oddly enough it fits my head!Anytime I put something on his head: a hat, his halloween costume headpiece, etc, I take him in front of the mirror, he gives me this shy smile and lays his head on my shoulder. It's like he's not too sure about himself. It's pretty cute. At least I've found a way for him to cuddle with me. By putting foreign objects on his head. Whatever it takes. :) And this has been the recent entertainment in our lives.


Jess said...

He doesn't look too sure about the hat, does he? He seemed quite taken with the boots, though! What a handsome little guy!

The Myers said...

How fun! Can't wait to come and see y'all tomorrow and join in on the fun. I play dress-up with Camryn on a daily basis. :)