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Sunday, June 1, 2008

head over heels for Holden

I think Nana and Papa J are nuts for their 5th grandchild and 3rd grandson. Mom was so gracious to spend 2 weeks here while I finished up at work. I think she was a little sad to leave mister Holden. Not to leave me, just Holden. :)

Uncle Daniel, Aunt Amy, Carson and Cameron came for a visit last weekend. The boys loved their new cousin. Well, I don’t think Cameron really knew what to think of him, but Carson was anxious to see and hold. He seemed to think that their family needed another LITTLE baby in the house. Since Cameron has grown and gotten bigger, it only seemed natural to add another baby.

Uncle Loren, Aunt Amanda, Hope and Bella came last week to visit. Hope was super excited to see him and repeatedly would say “ooooh, he’s so cute!!” We all have to agree with that statement.

On another note, Bella is still somewhat scared of Uncle J (that’s Jeremy). Ever since she awoke at our house to mommy being gone, and Jeremy was the only one there, she has been terrified of Jeremy and will not have much to do with him. It’s kind of funny. And at this point, I think it has become more of a game to her. Seriously, my husband looks so harmless! I am sad that I didn’t get any pictures with Bella. She is a doll! Jump over here to see for yourself.

I'm so glad to have family that love our new addition to pieces. They all had to make a long distance trip to meet him. Thanks for the visit!

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