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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holden hearts Texas.

He made his first trip to the great state this past weekend. And he absolutely loved it! I could tell by this look on his face, he just wasn’t ready to leave.

We had a great weekend in Texas, showing off our little boy. Now most of our family and many dear friends have met this wonderful baby.

My meme meets Holden for the first time.

Jeremy's granny and dad meet Holden. Obviously, everyone fell in love instantly. :)

Some college friends gave me a baby shower on Saturday. Thank you Amanda, April, Alicia and Sarah!! You all are too wonderful for words. I was able to visit with old friends and see many family members. And they spoiled Holden rotten with gifts and cuddles. No wonder he didn’t want to leave them all. I will leave you with a few more pictures from the weekend.
Cute cute cake at the shower!!

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The Myers said...

I love the last photo of Jeremy and Holden. How sweet! And I love your camo hat. Where did you get it? :)