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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This last week was spring break in our area. Now, not a whole lot changes at our house for spring break. This particular year, it meant that our regular Wednesday morning Bible study did not meet and the boys did not go to MDO on Thursday. It was nice to have a relaxing week with absolutely no schedule, not to mention the amazing weather that blew in. I didn't even use an alarm in the mornings. I just allowed the boys to wake me once they woke. Here is our spring break fun in pictures
On Monday we went to story time at our local library, which we do weekly. So this was nothing unusual. Monday was the last day before it really warmed up for us, so you notice the boys are still bundled up.
On Tuesday, we enjoyed the new warm weather and met Lauren and Cruz at the park. The boys rode their bikes along the trails as Lauren and I walked behind them, while she pushed Cruz in the stroller. This may have to become a regular thing as we enter this wonderful weather.
On Wednesday, we headed to the mall with my mom and did a little shopping. I hauled the boys around in their wagon and they did fabulous. I never venture to the mall with them by myself, but it was a fun day with my mom.
On Thursday the boys painted these beautiful masterpieces for the playroom. I tried to not interfere and just let them paint their canvases. Man, they love to paint!
On Friday, Jeremy was home from work. So we enjoyed the morning as a family at another nearby park.
Even though most of our weeks often look similar to this one since the boys are home with me and not yet doing school, the weather helped to make it a great kick off to spring. And it was actually really nice to not have to rush off anywhere...even though that only happens about twice a week. I hope the rest of you, wherever you are, are starting to enjoy some of this beautiful spring weather that is happening in Texas. Happy Spring! {Officially tomorrow!}

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Definitely needs to be a more regular thing!:)