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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orbeez Fun!

My long time friend Kristy, mentioned these fun little Orbeez for kids. When I read about them on her blog a while back, it seemed like something my boys would probably enjoy. But I just didn't realize how much. Yesterday morning we headed to Target just to get out of the house and I hunted down the Orbeez. I'm so glad I did! Holden pretty much played with them all afternoon. It didn't entertain Pax as long. He played with them for about an hour and then he was done. But Holden just loved these little things. Apparently, they will keep for about a week in a closed container in the fridge. So we can pull them out everyday to play with them again and again and again. And each little $6ish box came with several packages. I didn't realize that and I bought 2 boxes yesterday. So we will have an endless supply around our house for a while. So if you're looking for something a little different to stuff in Easter eggs this year for preschoolers, these tiny packets would be a perfect addition, in my opinion. Here are a few pictures from our fun.
They told me that this was my bubble gum and mint chocolate chip birthday cakes. Then they sang the happy birthday song to me and asked me to blow out my candles. :)
Holden made this "P" on his own. Then I helped him to make an "H". Yes, we went educational with these new little toys. :)
And just because one of them caved and decided to mix up the colors and it made the other brother so so happy to have both a little green and little pink in his stash. So they had a little sweet moment that I just happen to catch. There really is a whole lotta love between these two!

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The Skains Family said...

I am so glad you got around to using them. So fun aren't they!