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Monday, October 22, 2012

Carving the pumpkin

Every year, our master pumpkin carver sets aside an evening in October to work his magic. Yesterday was the evening.  The boys love watching daddy carve the pumpkin and they especially love the end result of his work.
Last year, the boys chose Mickey Mouse. And in 2010, Holden chose a picture of a cat. But after reading lots of pumpkin and jack-o-lantern books for the past 2 weeks, the boys agreed they wanted a scary faced jack-o-lantern. Jeremy and the boys scanned the internet for some options and they made their selection.
And now do you notice Holden's troubled face? Pax was fine. He just doesn't always smile for the camera. Once the lights were turned off so that we could see the jack-o-lantern lit up, Holden became a bit terrified. I love that he has this innocence about him. He can be very easily scared by things.
And Jeremy took it upon himself to find these glow swords at the Target dollar spot. So the boys got to play with these bad boys last night. It always makes me smile when Jeremy does something like this. It was a mere $2, but that he saw them and knew it was something his boys would makes me happy.
Happy Pumpkin Carving everyone!!

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