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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

just catching up

I have been a little behind on the blog. Well, a little behind for my own taste. Especially considering there was a time that I blogged, almost daily. Those days are long gone. I've really been trying to be better at my time management over the last 6 months or so. Which means the blog doesn't get updated near as often. So today will just be a little photo catch up of the little things going on at our house lately. Or at least the things I've caught with my camera.

I've been doing school at home with the boys just 1 day per week. It's been fun for them. They love the structure and planned activities of those days. So far we've had an "All About Me Day". They spent some time working on their names. They did a little presentation for Jeremy that evening of their favorite things. And they did some other fun activities. We've had an "Apple Day" and made homemade apple sauce along with some other letter A activities. And today we had a "Dinosaur Day". We read tons of Dinosaur books. Discussed and checked out pictures of different types. We talked about carnivores and herbivores. And we worked on couting out and sorting dinosaur eggs (or dry black beans).
We've been going to the public library weekly. We load up on tons of books for the boys. (Did you know that 50 is the limit you can check out at once?! Whoa that's a lot of books!) Then we read these books 2,317 times before we return them the next week and do it all again. Last night Jeremy said to me, "It's amazing how quickly they memorize books."  They do. My boys memorize them. Then they pretend to read to one another. It's the cutest thing ever! And I catch them daily sitting and flipping through books, like the picture below. I love how much they love reading. I tell each baby sitter that comes here; if you need something to calm them down, tell them to pick out a book. They will quickly pick out books, crawl into your lap and sit for an hour as someone reads to them. It really is one of my favorite things to do with my boys. And I'm pretty sure it is one of their favorites as well.
This little guy LOVES his Hungry Hungry Hippos game. And this big guy is never too busy to play a round or two with him.
We hosted our own little family soccer practice. Jeremy found it important to teach Holden that kicking the soccer ball was a big purpose of the game. Rather than just running the field like a crazy child. We were rained out this past weekend, so this Saturday should be his 2nd game. It almost seems like little brother would be more into the sport than big. I'm not surprised. But it's only been one game, so we shall see.
We've enjoyed some beautiful fall days and even busted out some long sleeves and pants. It hasn't been too consistent here in Texas. But when those days come, we've tried to enjoy the time outside.
And that is the latest on my family. :) 

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