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Friday, August 31, 2012

Stats & Interview

On Wednesday, Pax went to Dr. D to for his 3 year check up. He had to get one little vaccination. When the nurse left to get it prepared I explained that he was getting one shot and it would just feel like a little pinch. He didn't seem to interested in what I was saying, but Holden was very interested. He was asking me if Pax was going to cry and all sorts of other questions. Pax piped up and said he wasn't going to cry and he was going to be very brave. And that he was! He made a little wince when the needle went in. I knew it was uncomfortable to him. But not a single tear. And I made such a big hoopla about the fact that he didn't cry that he was smiling and cheering for himself right after the needle was removed. Don't all kids cry with shots!? Maybe not. But I was so so so so proud of Pax and how he handled that moment of pain. At 3 years, he weighed in at 34lbs (74%) and 38.5inches (76%).
On Wednesday after Pax's nap, Holden was still sleeping. So I took a moment to have a littel one-on-one interview with him. He's never in a very serious mode at times like these when I want him to be. But here is what we came up with.

M: What is your name?
P: Pax

M: How old are you?
P: Three

M: What is your favorite toy?
P:  Lightening McQueen and ToMater

M: Who is your best friend?
P: Rex the Dinosaur (Toy Story, people. And this was his little silly side coming out.)

M: Who do you like to sleep with?
P: E. Eat (not sure if I've mentioned this E. Eat character. But it's a Cabbage Patch Doll that I had as a little girl. My mom gave him to Pax at one point and he completely attached himself to that doll. And Pax named him E. Eat. This all happened well over a year ago.)

M: What is your favorite book?
P: Toy Story

M: What is your favorite cartoon to watch on TV?
P: Tom and Jerry

M: What is your favorite food?
P: waffle

M: What is your favorite color?
P: green

M: What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
P: spin around

M: What is your favorite thing to do with mommy?
P: ride in the car

M: What is your favorite thing to do with Holden?
P: play Hungry Hungry Hippos (the game he received from us for his birthday. The boys LOVE it!)

M: What is your favorite song?
P: Jesus Loves Me

M: What is your favorite animal?
P: giraffe

M: Do you like school?
P: yes

M: What is your favorite thing to do at school?
P: play with the tractor

M: What is mommy's job?
P:  you stay with us

M: What is daddy's job?
P: works on a big bridge (Funny because it's not true.)
And because of Sunday's incident, we made up for those wasted hours today. Jeremy was off from work so we had a great family day. I live for family days! We took the boys bowling this morning. We gave Pax several options and without hesitation, that is what he wanted to do. He loved every minute of it!


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