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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So far this summer...

We've celebrated the 4th of July with friends and fireworks.
We've had a visit with old friends.
We've fallen in love with a new friend. Sweet, baby Cruz.
Holden compeleted swim lessons. He can now swim "long" distances by himself. Face in the water, legs kicking, arms scooping and coming up regularly for breaths. This lady amazed me! And Pax will definitely be taking from her next year. Video of Holden swimming should be coming soon.

Pax transitioned from tricycle to big boy bike (with training wheels)! Thanks Aunt Amy for the hand-me-down bike. What a nice surprise!
We've eaten more watermelon than I ever knew possible. I love this stuff!
We've been dedicated to watching the Olympics. And it's even spurred on a bit of healthy competetion.
Don't be deceived by the picture. I am NOT touching that wall. And you should know that I won that little competition. :)
We made a trip to the Sea Life Aquarium with my sisters and all 7 of the little cousins.
We've made countless trips to the water park and there are many more to come. We are rarely outside these days unless we are in the water. I'm a little tired of the heat and humidity that is our Texas summer.  But it's been such an enjoyable summer for our family. I hope yours has been a fun one!

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