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Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of School!

This past Thursday, the boys headed back to their Mother's Day Out program. Surprisingly to me, Holden was feeling a little anxious and Pax was indifferent to the whole event. Not indifferent, I guess. He was happy to be there. In fact, he walked right into his classroom, began playing and never looked back at the door for me. I like drop offs like those. On the otherhand, Holden just made this face with gritted teeth and furrowed brows as we stood outside his classroom. He was letting me know he was not so sure about this first day. But he walked in by himself, saw some kids playing with trains and immediately sat down, grabbed a train and joined the playtime. :) I've learned over time that my oldest has a little struggle with changes in his routine. But once the change is made, he tends to adapt quickly to it. He's just not always excited about the actual change. The boys are in the same church program as last year, which Holden quickly fell in love with. But this year, it's new teachers for him and several new faces in his classroom. There were also a few familiar faces in both of the boys classrooms, which made me happy. One quick picture before we left home for their first day.
After picking them both up, they had both decided that it was a very fun day. I'm grateful to have just one day a week of quiet and grocery shopping (alone) and other errands (alone) and a little selfish time. My introverted self really appreciates Thursdays. That one day a week makes a big difference for me. And it's a huge bonus that my boys tend to love their day at school just as much as I do.

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