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Monday, August 27, 2012

He likes golf.

By the 3rd party, little boys and girls usually have some sort of opinion about what kind of party they want. Pax chose GOLF! He loves golf. I think that I've mentioned it here before, but he has been known to putt his blueberries across the table with his fork. He's clever and knows how to make a mundane breakfast extra fun. ;) So we discussed all other interests and possibilities, which really consisted of Super Man and baseball. And at one point he was pushing for Super Man/Golf, but I was mean and made him choose between the two. The golf themed party was fun and I was happy for his choice. I figured that with his August birthday it would probably be too hot to do much outside. I was wrong. It wasn't too hot, but it was rainy and wet.  So we ate some golf-like snacks, played pin the golf ball in the hole and then Pax opened his presents and we ended by celebrating with cupcakes. I think he loved every moment of his party. And it was fun to watch him take it all in. A few pictures from our fun.
The golf like snacks - irons and woods (the pretzle rods), the greens (green fruit), birdies (the Target brand of goldfish, called chicakdess) and hole in one (donut holes). I was half embarrassed by the time I was done with this part. Pax had no clue of the significance of those fun snacks. So who did I really do that for? :)
 The birthday boy showing us that he's finally 3!!
 And one picture of all of us.
Watching him grow.  Pax as a newborn and 1 year.
Pax at age (almost) 2 and (almost) 3
 A few of his friends enjoying their snacks.
 Pax playing the game.
 Camryn actually pinning in right on the hole!
And Max being silly. :)
 He loved opening presents. What kid doesn't!
I loved watching his sweet smile as we sang to him. Man, I love that little boy!
The chaos in the kitchen and a handful of some of the special friends that helped celebrate our boy.

Happy birthday buddy! I hope your day felt as special to you as you are to us!


everyday graces said...

Happy Birthday Pax! Mel, the golf theme is so cute and I love the themed food! :-)

The Everharts said...

Happy Birthday Pax! Such a sweet boy! Can't believe it's already been three years!