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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pax's birthday

Pax's actual birthday was on Sunday. It was a little more eventful than I had anticipated. We had a typical morning of a quick breakfast and then a little rush to get us all out the door at 9am for church. We did spare a few minutes to sing happy birthday to Pax around the breakfast table.  The original plan was to go home for lunch and eat whatever was in the fridge. ;) Then we'd put the boys down for naps. After naps, we would let Pax choose an activity, such as putt-putt, skating or bowling. So we would go do his chosen activity after their naps and then take him somewhere special for dinner.  In the car Jeremy threw out the option to take him to Texas Roadhouse for lunch, then do naps then do the activity and dinner at home. Sounded fine to me. Later I regretted that change of plans. Which sounds ridiculous because I'm sure what happened was inevitable, if I really believe God's soveriegn control over all things.
So we took him to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. Specifically because Jeremy thought it would be fun for him to ride the saddle. I thought he might cry or be shy when they placed him on the saddle and did their little Texas Roadhouse birthday chant. (Which Jeremy still knows word for word after 10 years of being gone from the place.) But instead he loved it. Pax waved his napkin above his head and was quite the champ for it.
 Enjoying the famous rolls!
 Mommy and the birthday boy!
 I love this picture of these 2! I'm seriously surrounded by handome boys in my house. Those blue-green eyes make my heart go pitter patter. Ha.
 Look at this cowboy! He was so into it! Jeremy videoed the song.
On our drive home we were involved in a hit and run accident. Jeremy followed the guy while I was on the phone with 911. Obviously it wasn't a big deal, in that no none was hurt. When we were getting close to our neighborhood the guy I was talking to at the police department told me we needed to quit following him and pull over somewhere for a police report. We had the tag number and even though I didn't want Jeremy to stop the chase, we did. And then we sat for 2 hours! Waiting on our beloved police department! We were 2 minutes from our house and it was driving me crazy that we couldn't leave. So Sunday, his special day, was a little bit ruined by my standards. But Pax was completely unbothered by how the day went. Of course, he is only 3! But I love that about this kid. He goes with the flow. And if he's with his family, he's just pretty happy about whatever life throws.
Once we got home, we let Pax open his gifts from us.
Then the boys rode their bikes (with Jeremy and I on foot) to the new frozen yogurt place right outside our neighborhood. In all the craziness, we completely skipped dinner that night and had fro-yo instead. We ended the night with Pax working on his golf swing. He absolutely loves this game. I think Jeremy will have a little golfing side kick in a few short years.
The entire day did not go as originally planned. But we were able to celebrate 3 years of this special, little boy. And that is more than enough to be thankful for.


everyday graces said...

Despite the accident it seems you still had a very special day with your boy! so glad everyone is ok.

The Everharts said...

hate that for you! I've been in a hit and run before and it is soooo frustrating! Glad that you were able to celebrate after the fact! And LOVE the birthday interview:)