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Thursday, June 2, 2011

water park is open!

Last week I took the boys to the water park for the first time since last summer. Last summer had it's challenges in that Pax couldn't walk, so I was always carrying one and at times chasing another. This year *should* be easier in that Holden is a better listener and understands better how to follow rules. No more chasing, I hope. And obviously Pax can walk, which should make him a little more independent. We'll see. We've been twice now and I'm learning that Pax just doesn't love it like Holden. Even though his legs work perfectly, he would still prefer to be carried around on a hip. Ugh. I want to say "Go play!" And sometimes I do. But he just wants to latch on to his momma for the most part. So Holden does tons of playing, running and splashing while Pax sticks close to me. If I'm standing he latches onto my leg. If I'm seated he's in my lap or crawling all over me. And occassionally Pax will run around and play in the water or shake his booty to the music. It should be a fun summer. You hardly even notice the Texas heat when your at this place. Even though most of our friends couldn't make it last week, we did get to spend a few hours with Charla and Lila. Holden and Lila are 2 peas in a pod. They seem to both have very sprited personalities and have alot of fun together. And last week they hardly seemed to notice that the water was a frigid temp. It should be another fun summer for my boys!

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