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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today the boys played with play-dough. I knew I would be cleaning floors duing naptime, so it seemed like a good time to bust it out and make a mess. Holden loves to play with play-dough. And it has somehow become a treat because we don't do it every week. Kind of like bubbles. Sometimes it's just not worth the mess to me. I know, bad mommy. Pax just like to nibble the play-dough, taste it and then make a sour face. And then repeat. And repeat. And repeat. It's exhausting. :) As I was working on keeping it out of Pax's mouth, Holden kept saying "mommy, I'm making a turtle." To me it looked like he was rolling a worm or a snake. I'm not even sure if he has seen a real turtle in the last 6 months. (Remember, we are not zoo people. And by we, I mean me.) But I do remember that my mom and Holden played with play-dough several months ago and she made a turtle. So I'm positive that's where this came from. So I kept responding with something like "Oh, you are? It kind of looks like a worm to me." He kept playing and soon it was time to pack it up so the boys could eat lunch at the table. So as I approached the table to help with clean up, I noticed this:
By golly! He had really made a turtle all by himself and just set it aside. He truly is a genius! ;) I didn't take a picture of Pax's creation, so just imagine a lump of blue play-dough with teeth marks all in it.


Amanda said...

Hey! That's pretty good! Can't wait to see that sweet boy! I'm emailing you now...

everyday graces said...

Wow it really is a turtle. Kate drew a banana today and it really was the correct shape, albeit magenta.