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Saturday, June 4, 2011

let's bowl~let's bowl~let's rock-n-roll

We had a fun little double date last night with our friends Noe and Lauren. A friend had offered to watch the boys a couple of weeks ago and I sure wasn't going to turn her down. So Lauren and I began planning our fun evening. We eventually decided on some Tex-Mex and then off to bowling. Now if you know us really well, you know I've always hated bowling and Jeremy has always loved bowling. Isn't that how it normally works? :) The reasons I've always hated bowling are:
1) I stink at it.
2) I feel like I'm on stage with my booty facing the crowd. (I realize "the crowd" isn't watching me, but I have never liked the idea.)
3) I stink at it.
4) The shoes look stupid.
5) I stink at it.
6) It's smokey. Bleh.

Jeremy is good at bowling. He puts a perfect little spin on the ball and comes away with many strikes and spares. So he loves this little game. But we hadn't bowled in YEARS! At least 4 years. Yikes! (Wii bowling doesn't count.) Talk about out of practice. But don't worry about my self consiousness for reason number 2 listed above. Last night, I got over it. In fact, at the start of game number 2, I found my winning technique. It's called the granny bowl. I'm sure you've seen many 5 year olds bowling in this manner. Booty to the crowd knocks 'em down everytime. I may never bowl like an adult again! I broke 100 for the first time ever with my granny bowling. Nice. And just a couple of pictures from our evening: So this is a funny little picture. Noe had to grow a "stache" for a little acting tidbit he's involved in. Yep, we're friends with a celebrity. :) You may see him on television soon! But he didn't know about our little paper stache's hidden in my purse (completely Lauren's idea!). So after his first bowl, he turned to face us, and we all had our matching stache's held up to our faces. It was probably only funny if you were there. But it makes me laugh just remembering his expression. And if you still think sporting a mustache is cool, sorry for completely offending you with this portion of the post. ;)

It was a fun night with sweet friends that I'm so so thankful for!

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Ahhaahahahahahahaha love it!! And love the apology at the end. You had me, mom and N in laughter!!! So I guess I shouldn't post that pic of your granny bowl, you prob won't like it! :)