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Monday, May 9, 2011

Swim lesson progress

I'm afraid that week 1 of swim lessons was a little rough on the teacher. They only go 2 days per week. But I'm pretty sure that Ms. Jennifer was praying that we wouldn't continue to come. My wild man was keeping her busy for that brief 30 minutes in the pool. Water just makes him so darn HYPER. This is even true with bathtime, brush your teeth time, water the plants time . . . if it includes water he goes NUTS-O. But on week 2, right before his 3rd lesson, Holden and I had some lengthy conversations. I explained this was sort of like school, not just play time. That he was here to learn. So he needed to obey Ms Jennifer and listen . . . blah blah blah. So we had this talk during our drive to the facility. But honestly, I didn't feel very hopeful that any of it would sink in once he was actually in the water. And sure enough, once we got to the pool, I could see the excitment in his eyes. Here comes hyper! But you know what? He did so good! He kept turning to look at me and he would yell "mommy, i obey." Sweet boy! I was so proud. On lesson 4, Jeremy came along and took pictures with the zoom lens. We still have 4 lessons to go and he is just loving his time in the water. We leave for vacation very soon and we're going to be doing lots of swimming. I'm anxious to be in the pool with Holden and see what he can do. Can you tell he's found his passion in life? Yep, it's the water.

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The Myers said...

Yea! So glad it's going so much better. Can't wait to see Holden's skills as well. :)