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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Vacay (part 2 of 2)

On our last full day in San Antonio, we ventured across the highway (only a 5 minute drive away) to Sea World. The weather was absolutely perfect all day long! With Holden's passionate obsession of all things water, I had a hunch he would love it. I didn't realize that we could have brought the boys swim shorts and they could have had their own water fun at the park. So we weren't prepared for that. But with all of the water fun at the hotel, it was perfectly fine that we stayed dry one day. It had been since our childhood since either Jeremy or I had been to Sea World. We both agreed that it had changed and grown so much. It ended up being the perfect outing for our little boys. And I had alot of fun seeing them experience so much fun! I wasn't trying to match my little boys. But I wanted them to wear fish shirts. You know, being at Sea World and all. I noticed every other mother had that same idea. :) So both of their fish shirts just happened to be green w/navy stiching. Weird. Oh well.
We had some time to kill before we could see Shamu and the seal's show. So we started out with a 4D Sesame Street show. There was thunder in the show. And it was loud like most movie theatres tend to be. At the point of thunder, which was early on, Holden took off his glasses and turned around in Jeremy's lap where he couldn't see the screen for the rest of the show. Pax just thought the glasses were annoying and refused to wear them. Which is terrible because that little boy LOVES Elmo. And Elmo was literally 2 feet away from our faces (with glasses on). :)
Next up, we had some lunch and the boys played on the nearby playground. My once timid little boy is finally becoming brave in play area like these.
Finally it was time to see the Shamu and the killer whales. The boys sat and watched in amazement. It was so much fun to see the looks on their faces.From my childhood memory, I remembered Shamu much bigger than what she was this time. Though I'm sure the killer whales aren't smaller these days. It's just funny how as a child those creatures seem enormous. And I've carried around this distorted image in my head for years. Not that they were tiny, by any means. And I would NOT be willing to ever jump in the tank with them.After the amazement of the killer whales, we headed to Sesame Street's Bay of Play at Sea World. We rode some rides:Holden road this little roller coaster several times. Pax was not tall enough to ride. So Jeremy and I took turns taking Holden, while Pax patiently waited.
Here you can see Holden and I in the 4th cart waving. He was so brave to let go and hold his arms up in the air with his daddy. Cute! :)And then it was off to the horseys (as the boys called the carousel). :) Pax rode these over and over at times when Holden rode the roller coaster. Here Pax is pretending that the blue horse is trying to bite his hand. He really is a funny kid. :)
Later we rested for a funny seal and walrus show. See this cute picture and this smiling boy? Well apparently he was tired. Right after this picture, he laid his head on my chest and slept through the entire show.
We left the park around 5:30pm. Neither of the boys had a nap (except for the cat nap Holden took) and they did so well that day. But by the end of it, they were done and were ready to go. I tried to get a picture in front of Sea World right before we left. Bad idea. They were over it and were not willing to look at me, much less smile.It was a great day and Sea World was such a fun place for the boys. This entire trip will defintely need to be repeated in the near future.
The next day, we packed up our belongings to head home. Ho-hum (said sounding very sad), I wasn't ready to leave all of the fun. But since Jeremy wanted to remain employed, we had to come back. Here the boys are posing for me one more time before we left the hotel. It was such a fun getaway. And we had 6 solid days of family time. Can't beat that!

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Looks like such a fun time!! I love sea world!!