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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Vacay (part 1 of 2)

On Monday we returned from a little family getaway in San Antonio. Because we caught a great deal at a good time, we were able to stay at this amazing place. And I think we're ready to go back. It was such a family-friendly hotel and I hope to be able to go again in the future. Our plan was to stick close to the hotel and play play play! They had several pools, a lazy river and a small beach. So we were excited to let the boys have tons of time in the water and to enjoy some quality family time and relaxation. And also some friendly time because these guys met us there! We always love our time with these special friends!

We left our home on Wednesday morning and made it to San Antonio that afternoon. It was a cooler day and not one to be splashing around in the water. So we toured the hotel and let the boys play in the sand playground.

On Thursday it rained cats and dogs throughout the morning. So we headed to downtown San Antonio to play at the Children's Museum. The boys loved it!
Thursday afternoon our friends arrived which was so much fun! So we spent that afternoon and evening hanging out with Josh, Amanda and Camryn. And we ended the evening with Mexican food! Where else would you go when visiting San Antonio?
On Friday, we were finally able to play in the water. Well, this was actually the hot tub. And goodness, Jeremy and I are PASTEY white. Not as much anymore. We did get a little sun last week.
Then we wandered over to the lazy river and beach.
And later had ourselves a little beach picnic!
That evening before bed, Holden roasted his first marshmallow alongside his daddy. :)
Just another one of the fun family events this hotel does each night. And then he partaked in his first ever s'more. Mmmmmmmm! He loved it!
Saturday was a little more of the same. Swimming:
And later, a dinner out of Mexican food again!
The next day our friends headed home and we had one more day of fun. Sea World! Since I have a ton of pictures going on here, I'm saving Sea World for a post all its own. We had 6 full days of family time. We needed it. Not that our boys were always smiling, as they seem to be in the pictures I chose to post. :) But the constant time together was still a really good thing for us. I was NOT ready to come back home. But I suppose that all vacations must come to a close. Our day at Sea World is coming up.


The Everharts said...

Cute pics! They look so big! these dark skinned boys seem to make us look more pasty by comparison than we already feel!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to see sea world:) so glad you guys had a great time!

everyday graces said...

looks like so much fun!

The Myers said...

Yea! We had SO much fun with y'all and can't wait for our next trip together. Love ya.