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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my little fish.

Holden has been obsessed with the water since his 2nd summer when he could really get in and enjoy it. It truly became an obsession at an early age. If you've been reading from the beginning, you might remember this. Any time water is present, Holden sees it as an opportunity to play, splash or just watch in amazement. If I'm washing my face or brushing my teeth, it's an opportunity. Or when he's brushing his teeth. Or if I'm filling a sippy cup. He's fascinated! It's weird that this fascination is NOT wearing off AT ALL. But at the same time, I do love his excitement over simple things like water (and light switches :) ). So all of that to say, today he began swim lessons.

Mid-summer of last year, we bought passes to a nearby water park. We've already purchased the passes for this year. I have a feeling it's going to be a little more complicated with 2 busy boys. Instead of last year, when Pax was still very much dependent upon me to get anywhere. But there will be lots of extra mommas and lots of extra hands to help out. We are really excited for the time to arrive. But in the meantime, maybe Holden can learn some basic skills. I'm not counting on him to know how to swim on his own after eight 30 minute lessons. Especially after watching today. Honestly, I just wanted to do something fun for him. And since he has no fear of the water, maybe some lessons will help prepare him for our summer fun.

Well, fun was had by Holden today. But maybe not for his sweet teacher, Miss Jennifer. Wowsers! He was like a loose cannon in that swimming pool today. I should have known. He turned into a wild man as soon as he got in. And Miss Jennifer took the 3 little ones so far away that I would've had to jump in the water to get to him. So he was completely in her hands and I couldn't do anything about his wild side. He wouldn't have been able to hear me unless I had a megaphone. So I sat back and just kind of laughed about it. Not much else I could do, right? She was having them all take turns doing different activities. Once when it wasn't his turn, I heard him exclaim "Hey!!!!". Then he chunked her water toys into the pool. And then he started laughing like a little toot. Oooops! It makes me laugh thinking about it now. And I know you might be thinking, this isn't funny. It's bad behavior. And if you're thinking that, then you're kind of right. He did show some not so great behavior. But it was actually really funny. Don't worry, he was so far away that he couldn't see me laughing. He was just HYPER! Not being too terrible, just full of energy and enjoying the pool. But not being completely obedient to his teacher when all eyes and hands were not on him. He just wanted to do his own thing and play. He tried to jump in when she was working with a little girl in his class (no worries. It was shallow water). He tried to get out and run away from her at one point. Let's just say, he kept Miss Jennifer on her toes. A lady from my church was sitting next to me and assured me that he probably isn't the first. She also tried to console me by saying "at least he isn't afraid." Yeah, he's the extreme opposite of afraid. So the 30 minute lesson was quite entertaining. I apologized to the teacher once they were done. She was super sweet and told me he was fine. She also told me how he already knew how to paddle his arms, kick his legs and blow bubbles and that he did really well with the swimming part. Yeah, this x-swim teacher turned mommy has been working with him. He knows what to do, but I doubt he can survive in the water just yet. But with his feistiness and coordination, he could surprise me. :) So it was all fun and games until he wouldn't get out of the pool. I had to hike up my jeans and wade through the shallow water and retrieve a kicking and screaming child. 2/3 of his class had a meltdown when the lesson was over. (His class is only 3 kiddos.) But yes, that still makes me feel better. :) Okay that was alot of words for day 1 of swim lessons. I took some horrible pics with my tiny camera. I'm going to post them anyways. But Thursday I'll take the big camera with the zoom lens and get some good ones.

Waiting on his teacher to arrive.

So excited to begin! This one is incredibly blurry because he was moving around so fast. He couldn't wait to get in the water! See? It makes him hyper!

In the picture below, his 2 little, calm, girl classmates are sitting on the right side in front of the teacher. Holden is the one splashing like a maniac. Ah, Thursday should be a HOOT! We'll have to review some of those rules that I went over 5 minutes before he got in the water today. It still makes me laugh though. :)

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