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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

green thumb?

Last summer our family took a pretty big turn in the way we eat. It's been a process and one that I'm still growing into. I wrote a little bit about it here. But in the middle of last summer, I suddenly wanted my own garden since my eyes were opened about the produce my family had been consuming. I'm not overreacting and saying it's going to kill us. But if I grow it myself, then I know exactly what we are getting. Well, we definitely don't have room for a garden in the backyard. Especially with the little project we have going on right now. More on that next week when it's all completed. (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!) But I did spend a few dollars on organic potting soil and a few plants that are staples in my fridge. So I'm trying out my green thumb to see if I can be a full-time farmer right in my own backyard. :) So here we have 2 cucumber plants and 2 tomato plants. I would love some sort of fruit tree, a strawberry plant and some herbs. But it's baby steps for now. So this is what I'm beginning with this spring. Once these veggies start growing, I'll easily have my ingredients for this delicious salad!


everyday graces said...

it's hard to tell but you might need a bigger pot for the tomatoes. I grew grape or cherry size last year and my pots weren't big enough. Also you will need a dowel rod or some round cage thing to hold the tomato plants on b/c once they get tomatoes on them the vines will get heavy. I used dowel rods and an old twisty tie off of the bread package. Hope that helps! Good luck. I'm going to get some herbs and tomato plants soon too!!!

check this site out...

i just checked the book out from the library

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Woohoo!! Can't wAit to hear how they taste:).

PS I think I stunted my lime trees growth:( the lime
Buds aren't growing at all!

I have an idea for next spring! We can Plant different items and share! ;) I will have at least a square foot garden next spring!

The Everharts said...

way to go girl! me and a friend have teamed up on our gardening and I've been helping her with tilling, planting (she lives outside the city with some land) and hopefully will have some "fruit" of our labor soon!

The Nanny Family said...

We garden too in the summer. Ryan and Molly love it! We are growing too much stuff, but I wanted to tell you that Ryan grows strawberries in the flower bed out front. It makes for pretty ground cover too. They're really small though - don't know why.

The Skains Family said...

So exciting. That's my plan for next year. I couldn't squeeze it all in this year with all our crazy changes. I can't wait to hear how it all goes!