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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holden's disposition.

Yesterday when I picked Holden up from school we went through our normal routine. I made it from the church back out to the car with 2 little boys, a napmat, a backpack, a lunchbox and crafts. After getting us all in the car, I took a look at Holden's sheet that tells me how his day went. It looked normal. Like it does every week. Except a teacher had added one special, little word: "sweet". Check it out. I've had a rough week or so with Holden so seeing this truly delighted me. Jeremy has always said that he'd rather our kids act out for us than a teacher/babysitter/or someone else in charge. And he's right. I do feel the same way, though I kind of wish Holden would see I need a little break with the attitude and fits. :) Anyways, because of this note, I began praising him and telling him what they had written. I did this as I made my way to Sonic for a special treat. I gave him the option of icecream or tator tots. Guess what he chose. I'm so proud of this boy! It's a blessing that I never have to wonder what his behavior will be like when I'm not around. At school he is consistently marked as: friendly, chatty, cooperative and happy. And we've yet to get a complaint from anyone else (thus far). I realize that it could happen one of these days. But for now, he's only showing his mommy and daddy the other side of his behavior. And for that I'm grateful. His teachers are right. He's an incredibly sweet boy and I'm SO blessed to be his mommy.


everyday graces said...

I love when I get notes like this from teachers etc. It helps for the hard days when nothing seems to go right and temper tantrums flair and you wonder where your child has gone. It just goes to show you are doing something right and the fruit of that labor is expressing itself in public even though at home is another story. Yay Holden!

Melodie said...

oh thanks Amber. i hadn't even thought about it that way. i needed to hear that!

everyday graces said...

you're welcome, friend!