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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

weekend recap.

Well, our weekend actually began Thursday evening. On the weeks of Jeremy's Friday off, I start telling people "have a good weekend" on Thursday morning. :) We consider that day our Friday. It's nice. I wish it was every week rather than every other. So Thursday night we ice skated in the car to Texas Roadhouse for a belated birthday dinner for Jeremy. He turned 31 on January 30th. The roads and parking lots were bad that night but Jeremy had been driving on them all week. And Holden and I were having some major cabin fever so we went. We NEEDED out! As much as I wanted Jeremy to ride the saddle at Roadhouse as they obnoxiously sang Happy Birthday, I didn't make it happen. We slipped out of the restaurant without the staff even knowing we were celebrating anything. I regret that now. The boys would have loved it.

Earlier in the week, Jeremy had enjoyed some white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. It's his fave and quickly becoming mine. We had a lengthy but spotty celebration. Never 1 huge day of celebrating. It was just off and on for about a week. The ice kind of threw off our plans.
On Thursday night, after the boys went to bed, Jeremy worked on our refridgerator. And in less than 2 hours he had completely fixed it, along with our dishwasher. I had been handwashing dishes all week because our dishwasher was doing a terrible job of it. Jeremy had ordered some new parts and they showed up on our doorstep Thursday. So he completely repaired both appliances in less than 2 hours. He is quite the handy man. Smart boy!

So we played in the snow Friday morning, which I already shared. And Holden was obsessed with it. Jeremy was feeling a little under the weather later on Friday. Or perhaps he just didn't want to venture out into the cold again. :) So Holden and I did a little more playing and Jeremy snuck in some pictures from the front window. The laundry basket sled idea that I stole from a friend did not work so well for Holden. After I spilt him out, he would have nothing to do with it. This is the spill that I mentioned.We did find some rather huge ice cycles! Holden liked eating them.And it was a meltdown, once again, when it was time to come inside. But momma got cold this go around. How do the kids not feel the cold!? I don't get it. But I did let them take a bath in our big bathtub, which for whatever reason, is always extra fun to them. Maybe because Holden thinks he can swim a few laps with the extra space.Pax spent the weekend being cute. As usual. :)
And we "watched" the Super Bowl with some friends. We actually didn't do much watching. Just lots of chatting and laughing at the kids. But not much watching. Not a great picture but the only one I had. This was right after "ashes, ashes, we all fall down."
And now I'm off to pack to head to my parents for a few days. My Colorado sister and her fam are visiting for the week. We were supposed to leave tomorrow but with the snow coming, we're heading out early. Oh the snow. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm almost ready for spring. Not quite ready. But almost.

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The Neaves' said...

Happy birthday to Jeremy!! Looks like y'all had a great week!