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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Colorado snow in Texas

My Coloradan sister will probably see these pictures and say "that's nothing!" But close to 5 inches in Texas is SOMETHING! And the reason I'm calling it a "Colorado snow" is because it was NOT snowman/snowball material. Dusty, light, powder-like snow. Perfect for the slopes, I suppose. And we loved playing in it. Immediately after breakfast, we all bundled up.
And then headed into the backyard. And thanks to no wind and no humidity (I'm just assuming on the no humidity, since I'm no weather gal.) we didn't even get cold this morning. It was just a fun time in the snow. I wasn't sure if Pax would love it or even care. But he loved walking around in it, falling down, and rubbing his mitten-covered-hands in the pretty white snow.
And as you would imagine, Holden couldn't get enough of it. It was falling on us the entire time we played. It's still falling now, many hours later! Neither of the boys were too happy when we decided that we had been outside long enough.
It was so great to have Jeremy home today. It was just his regularly scheduled Friday off. But he has had to work and drive in this mess all week long. And I hadn't even bothered taking the boys out alone. So it has been a wonderful family day to have him with us.And after a few moments of fussing because our fun in the snow was over, some warm cinnamon apple cider put everyone in better spirits. And now my boys are sleeping, probably dreaming about what we promised. (More time in the snow after a good, long nap!) And I'm off to spend some time with my sweet husband. I love family days!


Amanda said...

Hey! 5 inches is nothing to sneeze at! It looks like you had fun. Those are my favorite kind of snow days...when the sun is out and you aren't even cold because you are playing so hard. enjoy!

The Myers said...

Yea! Sounds like a perfect day to me. Enjoy every minute. :)

Daysha said...

Yea!! Something to play in!!!

The Daddy said...

Looks like you had a blast. We drove to Houston over the weekend, thinking we would get to play in the snow, but instead it snowed in La. and was nice and sunny in Houston. Maybe this week!!

Misty said...

I really love the last picture in your post. I can tell by looking at it that your family had a BLAST in the snow.