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Thursday, February 24, 2011

currently on my mind . . .

Just some thoughts that have been filling up my days lately.

*Baby Denton. Remember Holden's BFF from Oklahoma? His name is Lyndon.Well, he's a big brother now! Denton entered the world yesterday at only 29 weeks. He's doing well. As is his momma, who is my sweet friend. But I know prayers for this baby boy and the family would be much appreciated.

*If Holden continues to resist potty training, then maybe we can train both boys at the same time! This is an exciting thought to me. I mean, Pax will be 18 months in just 2 days and many kids pick up on potty training around that time. Especially younger siblings, from what I hear. So if Holden keeps being fearful to sit on the toilet, maybe his little brother will inspire him. I did sit Pax on the toilet 2 weeks ago and made a big hooray about it. I was hoping it would encourage big brother to give it a try. No luck. So I'm not pushing. But secretly (or not so secretly since I'm mentioning it here), I'm hoping to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in the future. Maybe it's just 1 of my benefits of having 2 boys less than 16 months apart.

*Wondering if I could feed my boys homemade almond milk instead of cow's milk. Wondering about the health benefits of doing so. And wondering if it would be cheaper or just cost me more $$. I haven't done enough research to even know if that's a great idea. I've just been reading the fitnessista blog and getting inspired with all of her creative recipes. Have I mentioned how much I love this chick's blog. She's funny and pretty inspiring. So yesterday I took another baby step in trying something new. I made my own almond milk! I had never even tasted almond milk before yesterday. Honestly, I just wanted to try her super healthy Strawberry Banana Milkshake. Which was delish! Too bad, I didn't take pictures of the process. But here are the almonds soaking.
And coming from a girl that doesn't enjoy milk, this stuff was pretty good!

*Thinking about Holden's 3rd birthday party that will be here in May. What sort of fun theme we could have . . .And I've been quite impressed with my little Holden lately. He's becoming polite, more patient and obeying on the first time asked. Okay, not all the time. He still has his moments. But I'm seeing a behavior improvement, big time. Instead of whining "milk, milk, milk" until I place it in his hands. He's saying "Mommy, may I have some milk please?" or "Mommy, may I go outside to play." Oh my! I've HARPED on manners for the past 18 months and it's finally paying off. Mister Politeness. He's made me so proud during this past week. Which makes me wonder what kind of hell next week will be. Ha! Not being negative, just being honest. It goes in cycles at our house. But I'm crossing my fingers that some of this is going to stick.

*We are back in our honeymoon phase! When we brought home Holden, I described it like a honeymoon and we stayed there for a long while. Like 16ish months. We were starry-eyed with our new life as parents. Then we added Pax. And the adjustment of having 2 little ones was rough stuff. Holden was into everything. Pax was a needy baby. My attention was divided. Sleep wasn't as good for a few months. We moved. Twice. It was hard. I was tired. And I'm pretty sure that I aged at least 5-7 years during Pax's first year of life. Now my eyelids droop, which was never the case before. I need some cream for that. Please don't stare at my eyelids the next time you see me. That's just rude. :) Anyways, I think when Pax started walking, we entered back into the honeymoon phase. The boys are playing so well. Getting along so well. Laughing at each other most of the day. Kissing, hugging and occassionally ripping toys out of each other's hands. But life is fun and easy again. We are back in the honeymoon phase and it really is great!

*We've already bought our passes to the water park this year and I CAN'T WAIT! Partly for everything I just mentioned. Both boys are a little more independent now and will be even more so this summer. So, even though it may be a busier time for me at the water park, making sure no one drowns, I'm ready to get out and have some summer fun.

*Grateful that my kitchen floor is no longer sticky. I used naptime to mop today. I'm pretty sure that my boys are messier eaters than 2 wild animals.

*I think I've relaxed a little with child #2. Pax is feeding himself yogurt and other sloppy foods. Which could be part of the reason my kitchen floor was sticky just an hour ago. And it's for sure the reason that I took him to the grocery store yesterday and noticed later that he had dried yogurt on his forehead. But I sure love that desire for independence!
*I feel like I have so many friends going through difficult seasons right now. So this verse has been on my mind: "So that your faith would not rest in the wisdom of men, but on the power of God." 1 Corinthians 2:5. Praying to see His power in the lives around me.

And those are some things that have been filling up this brain lately.


Alisa N. said...

If you are interested I will email you the potty training pamphlet we used to potty train Michael - it worked wonders!! I got it from a friend at the gym. Also, I completely feel you with the honeymoon phase - that's how we are right now - M & K play great most of the time, etc, but come May it's going to get Crazzzy!!! :)

Misty McKinley said...
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Misty McKinley said...

I am not a milk drinker either. When I do want milk on cereal I use almond milk (Brand: Silk Pure Almond). As for price....I don't know how much cheaper it will be for you to make almond milk vs. buy almond milk. Almonds are not that cheap.

Anyways....this is what the label on my almond milk container says..

1) almond milk has 50% more calcium than milk (1%).
2) rich in antioxidants
3) dairy free
4) no saturated fat, cholesterol (sp??), or lactose.

If you do the math..let me know if it is cost effective to make it.

Also..the brand that I buy comes in three flavors; original (60 cal.), vanilla (90 cal.), and chocolate (I can't remember cal.). All of them are great.

Good Luck!!

The Neaves' said...

Prayers for baby Denton and family!

So glad you're back in that phase!:) You guys are such a wonderful family!

Your eye comment had me laughing out loud! HA.

Great verse:)

Molly said...

Ahh! I love this post. First, potty training. We didn't do anything for either boys. Just went with it when they wanted to but didn't push it. It's hard to do, especially when they weren't interested at all, but honestly its not worth the power struggle. Second, the boys! I so remember that feeling of adjusting to #2. Have I told you that #3 and #4 is nothing to adjusting to 2 kids 15 months apart? You're going to LOVE this!

And I love that you said you've relaxed, I think it happens the more kids you have. I told my mom just today that I LOVE being a mom to 4, I am so different than I was with one...much more relaxed and enjoyable!

Love you friend, miss your family!

Cindy said...

I keep wondering about Daysha and Denton too, praying that they're both doing well.
I love hearing your stories about having two boys. Since I had a girl first, I never knew how much I would love having a boy. But now I dream of having another boy so they could play together.

The Skains Family said...

You know what that means if you are in the "honeymoon phase"? Time for #3!!! That's where we were, things were smooth and easy, and now... well... it's not the honeymoon stage any longer! Don't stress about potty training it will happen. And Pax may pick it up easier and you totally could do them together. I almost did the girls together. Good luck!