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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

green smoothie addition

So for the first time ever, Jeremy tasted the green smoothie. It was a few days ago and he was unimpressed. I think that's because most of us require lots of salt, sugar or artificial flavors to satisfy our taste. We've gotten too far away from whole, basic, unprocessed foods, which is what this green smoothie consists of. So as a random experiment, the other day, I added a granny smith apple to the smoothie. At the very end, after I had blended the spinach, I added the entire apple (minus the core). And it added some flavor. I loved it and will probably do this regularly. So I downed the smoothie, with a little help from Holden and Pax. And that, right there, is 3 servings of fruit (at least) and 1-2 servings of vegetables (depending on how much spinach you add). Can't beat that. So if you've tried the green smoothie and were unimpressed, like Jeremy (though he can be a bit high maintenance in the food department :), then try adding something like the apple.
And on another note. Look who is pulling out the shorts with the beautiful weather we're having this week. It's been amazing. Here's to hoping that spring has hit Texas for good.


adrianne + will said...

We're going to have to load up on spinach and try this next week!

bsjones7 said...

Caleb and I loved the smoothie....Brandon on the other hand didn't! I'll have to try the apple and see what happens! Thanks for the recipie and idea!

Chassidy said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting!! And I have to say the smoothy sounds "interesting " to say the least!

The Skains Family said...

We make fruit smoothies, with fruit and yogurt a few mornings a week and the girls LOVE them. I may have to try this addition of spinach. I told Jeff about it and he immediatley turned up his nose. Thanks for the ideas!