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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year! We spent it with my family. We trade off with Thanksgiving, so we have solid time with one family. My parents now have 7 grandchildren, which makes for a full house. For 3 daughters, all with our fair share of fertility issues, God has provided children and provided abundantly. Last year there were 5 grandchildren and no one was pregnant! Oh the spontaneity of adoption. This year Holden really got into playing with his cousins and it was so fun to watch. Whatever the big kids were doing (ages: 6 and almost 7) he completely picked up on. He copied their every move. It had us all laughing. I don't mean at Holden. But just laughing at 5 crazy kids wanting to entertain the adults. It was fun to watch Cameron and Holden play trucks together. They are only 10 months different in age.
Uncle Dan with Holden and Cam.
Poppa J, Nana and the 7 grandkids. (Poppa J holding Pax-3months, Nana holding baby Ava-6weeks and Holden-19months, Carson-almost 7, Hope-6, Cameron-2 1/2 and Bella-almost 3) Truly, what a joy this family is to me!
Paxton and Ava got to meet one another. And they became fast friends. They are about 6 weeks apart in age.
Meme gave Holden a huge cup cake when he looked up at her with those big brown eyes. And after that, he was on a sugar high! At age 93 (I think) meme still loves to be the host and cook an entire spread for her family. And so we let her. What a blessing that we still have her with us. She is a healthy woman who thrives on doing her job as a homemaker. And she does it well. Here she proudly sits with all of her great-grandchildren.
We had a wonderful holiday with family this year. I don't have many pictures from the week because our camera hardly made it out of our car. Shame on us! So the pictures I do have were stolen from my sister. But it was a wonderful long weekend with family. Just as years past, we have much to be thankful for!


April said...

What a beautiful family!! I am so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Daysha said...

what fun with all of the kids. such fun times in the future for Holden and Paxton.

Carsten's Mom said...

Reminds me so much of my husband's family. My mother-in-law has six grandkids. Four of them are with us because of the blessing of adoption. She will, Lord willing, have two more next year. One biological and one from adoption. The Lord had blessed our family with wonderful children.

The Coopers said...

I love it! glad we had others taking pictures for us since our camera didnt get out much either! it was lots of fun for the kids and us adults! love you

Amanda said...

Hey! My little girl is 5 until Sunday. Don't go making her 6 before it's time. I told her tonight...we have to use both hands now to show people how old you are. Sniff, sniff.

What a great week it was! Lots of memories!

The Skains Family said...

Your family makes me smile! You are very blessed and I know you know that.