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Monday, December 7, 2009

celebrating number 7.

Well, this past weekend Jeremy and I were finally able to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We spent the weekend in downtown Fort Worth. We love it there. This was the same location as our 5th anniversary weekend. It such a fun, clean, unique downtown with many options for entertainment, eating and shopping. Geez, I sound like a commercial. Not to mention the way it looks at Christmas.

We enjoyed 4 Day Weekend. We laughed til our cheeks hurt. No cliche. It really did make my cheeks hurt. We had fun dinners out, without having to stop to do a bottle or pick up food someone had dropped/thrown. And we almost finished our Christmas shopping. At one point, we discussed how we had always done these weekends away for our anniversary. And they had always been a fun way to celebrate our marriage. But this year, it felt more needed. Not needed in the way that our marriage has been struggling or anything. But we just needed the rest and one on one time together. Life has been so busy lately. Alot of changes have hit us at once. And we have been so . . . just plain tired. But honestly, have not had time to rest. It seems like life keeps moving at full pace ahead and so we just have to keep moving right along with it. So this weekend, in a way, we pushed pause on everything else. And it feels like we were able to catch our breaths somehow. We slept in 2 mornings in a row. 3 morning for me! Poppa J and Nana kept our baby boys. And now I'm sure they are needing the rest. :) Actually it's 10am and Holden, my normal 7:30am riser, is still sleeping. Maybe Poppa J and Nana wore him out as much as he did them.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from our restful weekend.the happy couple. This was our faces after sleeping in until 10:30ish. Hmmm, we still look super tired?The view from our balcony. That's right balcony. Jeremy informed them in his reservations that it was our anniversary and they surprised us with a suite. And we literally paid pennies for this hotel room, since Jeremy had Marriot points from his traveling days. They also surprised us on Friday night with this . . .chocolate covered strawberried (not pictured because they were quickly eaten) and Champagne.Saturday we spent a little time at the Gaylord Texas. It was decaored so beautifully for Christmas.

All of the above pictures were taken with my new camera from Jeremy. That was my anniversary gift. All we have is the mumbo jumbo SLR. I love it, but it's huge! We needed an everyday camera. And it's the tiniest little thing. No bigger than my cell phone. It's tiny! I love it. Jeremy's gift was (drumroll) . . . a Wii! The reason this was a big deal is because I detest video games and useless things that occupy our time. Not to mentiont that we had set a $50 spending limit. And we both crashed over it. No Christmas gifts for us. No biggie. Anyways, the Wii for Jeremy. He has made alot of sacrifices for our family over the last 2 years. And he has talked about that Wii for at least that long. So I wanted to surprise him. And surprise him, I did!! So that was our weekend. It was just what we needed.


Laura said...

I don't like video games either, but I actually enjoy the Wii every once in a while! :) Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend celebrating each other! :) I totally get that you just needed the time away! Aaron and I flew to Lubbock a couple of months ago sans kids, and we didn't know what to do with ourselves! Congrats on 7years of wedded bliss! Next June will be 7 years for us.

Amanda said...

So glad you had a good, restful weekend together. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary! Love you!

Jess said...

Yeah! Glad you guys had a good weekend! Happy anniversary!

The Curtis Family said...

Love Four Day Weekend!