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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A few new things . . .

Well, things are busier than ever. Just in case I haven't made that clear it past posts. And I might sound like a broken record for the next few months. But, we close on our house tomorrow morning. I wish I could say that we immediately get to start moving in. But, not the case. Over the weekend, we will move in the few things we have at this apartment. Honestly, just clothes and toiletry type items. Literally, the place had everything for us. Then, the packers (or should we call them UNpackers) come and unpack us at the new house next Wednesday. I am supposed to be completely out of the apartment that morning by 11am. Not much of a grace period, but that's the way it works. Not to mention that Jeremy will be at work as usual. But I'm sure he will do all he can to make it easy on me. Or as easy as possible. It's just the way he is. Also, saving the day, my mom will be with me. I couldn't do this alone. Greet the unpackers and give instructions, chase Holden, tend to Paxton, change diapers, feed babies, etc etc etc. So she will be helping me to exit the apartment with the boys, making sure we leave nothing behind. And then helping me as we boss around unpackers and tell them what to do. I'm not good at being bossy and shouting demands. Lucky for me, she is. :) So, I am so excited to be moving into the house. It just seems like things will feel much more settled once we're there. And then the tree can go up! Hooray for that.

A few new things at our place:

Holden is suddenly ABOVE finger foods. Too fancy for that I guess? He wants a fork to eat his food now. And I'm realizing the plastic baby ones don't really serve any true purpose. So here he is eating his barbeque sandwich and sweet potatoe bites with a fork. I guess it's time to use the plates. (They're currently in storage.)
Well done, my son! Whatever it takes to get it in your little belly!
And here's a clean, little guy, straight from the bath. He loves his bathtime.
And just because I love this little face.
Have you ever noticed a baby trying to suck his thumb AND paci at the same time? Well, occasionally we catch mister Pax doing just that. It's crazy! He normally knocks his paci out and makes himself so mad. This is an attempt for the best of both worlds.And I leave you with a great big smile from Pax. We are seeing these constantly now. And I will have to say, he gives them most freely to his momma. And I'm just gonna take all the love now that I can get. Because I know that if he follows in his big brothers footsteps, I could quite possibly be chopped liver in just 1 short year. Apparently, their daddy hung the moon and I just wasn't made aware of it.


Lindsey said...

Oh, what sweet and beautiful boys you have, Melodie!

My Anthony is the very same way about wanting a utensil. He also will sometimes refuse to eat directly off a high chair tray--he wants a bowl or plate like everyone else! :O Amazing how they learn these things!

Good luck with the move! I have never had unpackers. That is quite awesome!

Daysha said...

We could have been there to help too, ok maybe just me, adding another toddler to the mix may not have been good, but man I could have helped. I was SOO glad to read your mom will be there, I was almost already on the road there. We miss ya'll so much!